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Rainy Day Activities to Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors

Rainy Day Activities to Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors

Rainy Day Blues? Not for Your Pup!

Ah, rainy days – the bane of every dog owner’s existence. Sure, some pups love a good splash in the puddles, but others take one look outside and immediately develop a strong aversion to anything remotely damp. And let’s be honest, even the most adventurous canine companions can only handle so much time cooped up indoors before the zoomies take over and your living room resembles a warzone.

As the proud owner of a high-energy golden retriever named London, I’ve had my fair share of rainy day challenges. But over the years, I’ve discovered a treasure trove of indoor activities that not only keep my pup entertained, but also provide the mental and physical stimulation she craves. So, whether you have a Border Collie, a Bulldog, or anything in between, get ready to bid farewell to rainy day boredom and hello to a whole new world of doggy fun.

Puzzle Playtime

You know the drill – your pup is staring at you with those big, pleading eyes, silently begging for something, anything, to alleviate their indoor-induced restlessness. Well, my friend, puzzle toys are about to become your new best friends. has some great recommendations, but the gist is simple: these ingenious creations task your canine’s nimble nose and quick paws to uncover hidden treats, providing a delightful mental workout.

And the best part? You can easily DIY your own puzzle toys using everyday household items. Grab some cardboard boxes, empty paper towel rolls, and even that old egg carton, and get to work creating custom challenges for your pup. London absolutely loves tearing apart cardboard boxes in search of yummy rewards, and I have to admit, it’s pretty entertaining to watch her problem-solving skills in action.

Scent-sational Sniff Games

If your dog is anything like mine, they can spend hours happily sniffing their way through your home, trailing the scent of that tasty treat you dropped last week. Well, why not harness that innate nose power and turn it into a fun game? Tully’s Training has some excellent suggestions, like the classic “shell game” where you hide a treat under one of three cups and let your pup use their super sniffer to find the prize.

For the more advanced scent detectives out there, you can even take it up a notch with some challenging “find it” games. Start by tossing a treat a few feet away and letting your dog search it out, then gradually increase the difficulty by hiding it in more obscure locations around your home. Just be sure to provide plenty of praise and rewards when they succeed – after all, a happy dog is a motivated dog.

Obstacle Course Capers

Remember when you were a kid, and you’d turn your living room into an elaborate obstacle course, complete with couch cushions, pillows, and every other household item you could get your hands on? Well, guess what – your pup can get in on the fun too! Sidewalk Dog has some fantastic ideas to get you started, from using cardboard boxes and hula hoops to creating cozy tunnels with sheets and chairs.

Not only will this keep your energetic canine entertained for hours, but it also provides an excellent opportunity to work on their agility skills. Plus, who doesn’t love a good game of indoor parkour? Just be sure to start small and gradually increase the complexity as your pup gains confidence. And don’t forget to snap some action shots for your pupfluencer account!

Hide and Seek Hijinks

Speaking of games, one of my all-time favorites for rainy day fun is a good old-fashioned game of hide and seek. As outlined in the r/puppy101 subreddit, the concept is simple: you hide, your pup seeks, and everyone wins (especially when you get to watch them happily wagging their tail as they discover your hiding spot).

Now, if your dog hasn’t quite mastered the “stay” command yet, no problem – just have another family member hold them back while you sneak away. And don’t be afraid to get creative with your hiding spots, whether it’s behind the couch, inside a closet, or even under a bed. Trust me, the look of pure excitement on their face when they finally track you down will make it all worthwhile.

Playtime Pandemonium

Last but certainly not least, let’s not forget the simple joys of good old-fashioned playtime. After all, what could be better than a indoor romp session with your favorite furry friend? Whether it’s a game of tug-of-war, a spirited round of fetch, or even just some silly zoomies, engaging in interactive play is a surefire way to burn off that pent-up energy and strengthen your bond.

And if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, why not try your hand at some basic trick training? As suggested by the r/Dogtraining subreddit, teaching your pup to fetch the remote or your slippers is not only mentally stimulating, but also has the added benefit of making your life a little easier (and a lot more entertaining).

So there you have it, my fellow dog parents – a veritable treasure trove of rainy day activities to keep your canine companion happy, healthy, and most importantly, busy. No more pacing, no more whining, and no more looking out the window with those sad, pleading eyes. With a little creativity and a whole lot of love, you can transform those rainy day blues into a doggy adventure your pup will never forget.

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