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Puppy Proofing: Keeping Your Belongings Safe From A Chewy Pup

Puppy Proofing: Keeping Your Belongings Safe From A Chewy Pup

Oh, the joys of bringing home a fuzzy new pup! From choosing the perfect name to snapping those first “Gotcha Day” pics, it’s an exciting time full of love, laughter, and…well, a whole lot of chewing.

As a first-time dog parent, I quickly learned that puppy proofing is an absolute must. Those tiny, sharp teeth are like little demolition tools, and they’ll happily chomp their way through your favorite pair of shoes, the legs of your coffee table, or even your beloved collection of vintage vinyl (RIP, “Abbey Road”). But fear not, my fellow dog devotees! With a little preparation and some creative thinking, you can keep your furry friend (and your possessions) safe, sound, and slobber-free.

Maximizing Your Minimalism

Let’s start with the obvious: clear out any potential puppy hazards. As much as I’d love to let my little Labradoodle roam free, that’s a recipe for disaster. Instead, I’ve blocked off certain rooms with baby gates and crate-trained her during unsupervised periods. Sure, those plastic barriers and wire crates might not exactly scream “design goals,” but there are plenty of stylish options that won’t cramp my interior aesthetic.

Plus, getting down on my hands and knees to survey the situation from a pup’s-eye-view has been a game-changer. It’s amazing how many potential chew toys I uncovered – from electrical cords to loose change to that fancy vase I picked up at the antique store. Into the cabinet they went, safely out of reach of my curious canine.

Floored by Fluffy

When it comes to puppy-proofing the floors, the key is to think “washable.” Carpets and rugs are a big no-no during the housebreaking phase (trust me, I learned that one the hard way). Instead, I’ve opted for easy-to-clean options like durable, pet-friendly area rugs that can handle the occasional “oops” moment. And for those high-traffic zones? Hardwood or tile all the way, baby.

Of course, my design-savvy side couldn’t resist giving these practical surfaces a stylish upgrade. I’m talking vintage-inspired sisal, bold geometric patterns, even cozy-chic cowhide! Not only do these floors look amazing, but they also make cleanup a breeze – no more stained carpets or scratched-up hardwood.

Cords, Cabinets, and Chew Toys, Oh My!

Keeping cords and cables out of reach has been another top priority. Those tangled tangles are irresistible to curious pups, and the consequences can be downright dangerous. Cord wraps and child-proof cabinet locks have been lifesavers, allowing me to tidy up the wires and secure any enticing cabinets (like the one housing my collection of gourmet dog treats).

Of course, simply removing temptation isn’t enough – I’ve also made sure to provide my pup with plenty of appropriate chew toys to satisfy her natural instincts. From sturdy rubber bones to long-lasting bully sticks, I’ve curated a whole arsenal of engaging, dog-approved diversions. And you know what they say: a tired pup is a well-behaved pup. Keeping her physically and mentally stimulated has definitely curbed the destructive chewing tendencies.

A Cozy Canine Corner

Last but not least, I made sure to carve out a special space just for my furry friend. After all, this is her home too! I opted for a plush, Pendleton-inspired dog bed and a cozy throw blanket that perfectly matches her soft, shaggy coat. It’s the perfect spot for her to relax, recharge, and dream of all the adventures to come.

And you know what they say: a happy pup means a happy parent. By taking the time to properly puppy-proof my home, I’ve been able to create a safe, stylish, and stress-free environment for my furry best friend. Sure, there have been a few hiccups along the way (who knew goldfish crackers were so irresistible?), but with a little patience and a lot of love, we’re well on our way to navigating this exciting new chapter together.

So if you’re about to embark on your own puppy parenthood journey, don’t forget to check out I Have Dogs – your one-stop shop for all things canine. From essential supplies to training tips and beyond, they’ve got everything you need to make your pup’s first Christmas (and every day after) truly tail-wagging good.

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