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Diamonds in the Ruff: How One Woman Rescues Throwaway Dogs

Diamonds in the Ruff: How One Woman Rescues Throwaway Dogs

A Labor of Love: Saving the “Unadoptables”

Diamonds in the Ruff isn’t your typical dog rescue organization. Founded by Jane Everett, a former corporate executive turned passionate animal advocate, this North Carolina-based nonprofit has made a name for itself by taking in the dogs that others won’t – the “unadoptables,” as Jane likes to call them. These are the dogs that have been bounced from home to home, written off as “too much” or “too difficult.” The ones that most shelters deem unhirable and recommend euthanasia.

But Jane sees things differently. To her, every dog deserves a chance, no matter their age, breed, or behavioral challenges. “These dogs have been through so much already,” she explains, her voice filled with emotion. “They’ve been abandoned, abused, neglected – the very least we can do is give them a safe, loving home where they can heal and thrive.”

It’s a mission that has consumed Jane’s life for the past decade. What started as a small operation out of her own home has blossomed into a sprawling network of foster homes and volunteers, all dedicated to rehabilitating and rehoming dogs that the rest of the world has given up on. From a skittish senior pit bull to an energetic German shepherd with a fear of men, Jane and her team take them all, working tirelessly to address their unique needs and find them their happily-ever-after.

Diamonds in the Rough

One of the dogs that captured Jane’s heart is a beautiful brindle mix named Daisy. Daisy had a rough start in life, bouncing between three different homes before ending up at the local animal control shelter at just two years old. “When we got the call about Daisy, she’d been at the shelter for over a month,” Jane recalls. “No one wanted to take a chance on her because she was so fearful and anxious around people.”

But Jane saw past Daisy’s timid exterior. “There was just something about her – this quiet resilience, this deep well of love that was dying to come out.” So she brought Daisy back to the Diamonds in the Ruff facility, determined to earn her trust and help her blossom.

It was a slow process, filled with countless hours of gentle coaxing, positive reinforcement training, and lots of patience. Daisy was terrified of new people and environments, and would cower in the corner whenever someone tried to approach her. But Jane and her team never gave up, showering Daisy with affection and making her feel safe and secure.

Gradually, Daisy’s walls started to come down. She began seeking out human interaction, wagging her tail and even nuzzling up to her caretakers. And when a family came in, interested in adopting her, Daisy surprised everyone by confidently trotting up to them, tail wagging, and letting them pet her.

“It was the most incredible thing to witness,” Jane says, her eyes shining. “This dog who had been so afraid of people, who had given up on ever finding a home, was suddenly this loving, affectionate companion. It just goes to show that with the right care and patience, these ‘unadoptable’ dogs can become the most wonderful, loyal pets.”

A Life-Changing Journey

Daisy’s transformation is just one of many success stories that have come out of Diamonds in the Ruff. Over the years, Jane and her team have rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of dogs, each with their own unique challenges and heartbreaking past. But through it all, they’ve remained steadfast in their mission, driven by a deep, abiding love for these animals and a conviction that every dog deserves a chance.

And the impact they’ve had is truly remarkable. Not only have they given countless dogs a second chance at life, but they’ve also inspired and educated countless others along the way. Through their outreach and advocacy work, Diamonds in the Ruff has become a beacon of hope for animal lovers everywhere, proof that with enough love, patience, and determination, even the most “unadoptable” dog can become a cherished, loyal companion.

“It’s not always easy,” Jane acknowledges, “and there are certainly days when I wonder if I’m up for the challenge. But then I look at the faces of these dogs, these resilient, beautiful creatures who have been through so much, and I know that I have to keep going. They deserve a chance, and I’m honored to be the one to give it to them.”

As for Daisy, she’s now living her best life in a loving forever home, showering her new family with affection and loyalty. And for Jane, that’s the greatest reward of all.

“Seeing these dogs find their happily-ever-after, that’s what makes it all worth it,” she says, a smile spreading across her face. “These aren’t just dogs – they’re diamonds in the rough, waiting to be polished and cherished. And I’m so grateful to be the one who gets to do that.”

If you’re inspired by Jane’s story and want to get involved, head over to to learn more about how you can support Diamonds in the Ruff and other amazing rescue organizations.

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