Vizsla Mix: What To Know Before Getting Vizsla

There’s nothing quite as exciting as bringing a new addition home to your family. It’s a joyful experience, but adopting a pup also requires a lot of knowledge, careful attention, and work. Before bringing home your Vizsla Mix, there are a few essential things you should know to make sure you and your puppy are both prepared for your new adventure together. 

In this article, we’ll explore what a Vizsla Mix is, this pup’s personality traits, and how to best care for them. Our team studied research on hybrid dog breeds to come to our ultimate conclusion. 

We’re excited for you to bring a sweet dog home, but we want you to be ready for your Vizsla. Whether you’re on the verge of adopting a pet or just looking up which kind of animal you may be interested in adopting, we highly recommend thorough research of the pet. Keep reading for some useful information to help you get ready for a new dog. 

What is a Vizsla?


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A Vizsla is a popular breed known for its devoted and active personality. You can spot a Vizsla by its trademark look; this dog typically has a warm brown/reddish coloring and a short coat. They’re slim yet strong and athletic. 

The Vizsla comes from Hungary; records show the word “Vizsla” potentially first appeared in Hungarian writing in the 1300s, although the breed itself is believed to have existed long before then. 

While Vizslas are generally a “pointing and retrieving dog” — they were primarily bred by hunters for their exceptional bird-chasing skills — they are a “noble” breed. This dog was owned by kings and noblemen almost exclusively at several times in Hungary’s history. Today, Vizsla’s have the prestigious title of “National Pointer of Hungary.” This breed is a significant source of pride for the country. 

Qualities of a Vizsla

If you choose to adopt a Vizsla, you can expect them to reach medium-to-large adult size. Male dogs can generally weigh about 60 pounds. Female Vizslas typically weigh in the 40 to 55-pound range. They usually reach over 20 inches tall. Owners of a Vizsla can typically expect their pup to live over ten years, often reaching the 13-year mark.

As we mentioned, the Vizsla has a distinct look. You can almost always spot this dog by its slim yet larger body type and its slick, rusty coat. 

The Vizsla breed belongs to the Sporting Group of dogs. This dog grouping was initially bred to be a hunting dog and, therefore, often have stellar instincts in water-based or forested environments. They’re whip-smart and often relied on by their owners. Their coats and bodies are generally well-insulated to help protect against a variety of weather conditions. 

This breed of dog has a great nose and superior athleticism; for that reason, Hungarian nobles have refined this breed to maximize their hunting capabilities. They indeed are a versatile, all-around hunting dog. 

Popular Vizsla Mixes

The exact qualities and traits of your Vizsla Mix pup will depend on the breeds of their parents. While we’ve detailed some of the qualities you can expect from a Vizsla dog, your specific pet may inherit traits from their other parent breed as well. It’s also tricky to detail how your dog will look in appearance because of their two different parent breeds. 

Below, we’ve detailed some of the most common Vizsla Mixes and several traits to expect with each kind of dog. 

  • The Vizslador or Labrala: This dog is a cross between the Vizsla dog and a Labrador, and it’s one of the most popular Vizsla Mixes. This pup likely has a short coat but sheds often. Expect a smart, friendly, high-energy puppy, as both of its parents belong to the Sporting Group. 
  • Vizmaraner: This mix of dog is bred from Vizslas and Weimaraners. Both of these breeds are in the Sporting Group, and as a mix, you’d likely find yourself with an intelligent, fearless, and athletic dog. This breed would trend toward the larger side with a shiny, short-haired coat. 
  • Vizsla Staff: A Vizsla Staff is a combination between Vizsla and an American Staffordshire Terrier. This kind of dog is stocky, short-haired, and incredibly loyal. American Staffordshire Terriers largely resemble Bulldogs for their rounder and blockier skull shape.  

Caring For Your Vizsla Mix


A Vizsla pup is an athletic and energetic dog. Even if you get a Vizsla mix with a parent breed that is typically more lethargic, expect your dog to have a firm demeanor still. Your Vizsla Mix will likely require a significant amount of physical exercise to tire them out and keep them healthy. 

Experts typically recommend that you give your pup about 30 minutes of daily exercise. Consider playing fetch or letting them run in a large space to stretch their bodies and work their muscles. 

The Vizsla Mix will also likely be an intelligent dog who needs a bit of mental stimulation to keep its brain sharp and prevent them from acting out. To ensure your pet is adequately challenging their brain, consider playing a game like “hide-and-seek” to help invigorate their minds.

Without adequate physical and mental exercise, your pet may act out or seem to “bounce off the walls” a bit at home. 


Vizsla Mix pups will likely require high-quality dog food. Expect them to be a good eater, who may even seem to keep eating at their bowl long after their food is gone. Be sure to keep clean water available for this active pup at all times too. 

Whenever you get a new dog, it often is best to check with a trusted veterinarian to discuss the best types of diet and nutrition for your pet. 

Final Thoughts


Photo by Chiemsee2016 Licensed by Pixabay

A Vizsla Mix could be an excellent addition to your family because they’re often incredibly affectionate and intelligent. It’s an active, athletic dog that will require a significant amount of exercise to feel fully stimulated. 

A Vizsla Mix would likely fit well with a family and a home with a yard or access to nearby parks. This pup will prove to be incredibly loyal to you and will offer unconditional love at every turn. 

Karlton Tyack

Karlton Tyack

Karlton Miko Tyack is an outdoor enthusiast and a specialized dog trainer who is an experienced dog trainer for bird hunting. His best friend and companion dog was a giant chocolate Labrador named Mr. Jack.

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