Ultimate List about Loyal Dog Quotes

Outside of a train station in Tokyo, resides a monumental statue of Hachiko, the world’s most loyal dog that ever lived.

According to historians, Hackicho was a loyal dog that followed his pet parent to a Japanese train station every day—seeing him off to work. He would later wait for Ueno, his owner, to get back from work.

On one fateful day, Ueno failed to return—because he unexpectedly died at work. But Hachiko kept scanning through all the passersby in the station to meet Ueno. Soon, days turned to weeks, and weeks to months, but Hackicho refused to leave the same spot without Ueno.

10 years later, Hachiko, unfortunately, died at the same point still waiting for Ueno—his master.

Now, that’s true loyalty!

Surely, a dog is “man’s best friend.”

Hence, we decided to share a few loyal dog quotes…

But before diving in, let’s look at the best loyal dog breeds.

The Best 10 Loyal Dog Breeds

No doubt, some dogs may be loyal to you for crossing their path. If you have treats, they may decide to profess their loyalty immediately.

But we can’t deny the fact that dog loyalty resides in the heart of some breeds.

Here’s a list of ten loyal breed dogs:

1. German Shepherd

You’re shocked, right? Well, let’s put it this way—the German Shepherd poses as an ideal loyal companion. So, this breed can go an extra mile for its owners.

What’s more?

This breed has one of the most loyal followings. Besides, German Shepherd owners usually stay committed to the breed forever.

2. Chihuahua

You may have guessed this easily. After all, the Chihuahuas tend to create strong bonds with its owner. And this breed could even extend some love to a few more people—in the right circumstances.

However, don’t expect the Chihuahuas to go overboard with affections for other people. For instance, it may not roll over for its owner’s close friends. Besides, it’s a loyal dog breed for a reason.

3. Labrador Retriever

This breed has a good history. I mean it was a valuable crew member in the early days. The Labrador Retriever can go as far as getting a lost fish that escaped from its owner’s net. So, a few fishermen used the dog as fishing boat dogs—in that era.

These days, the Labrador Retriever isn’t much of a fishing boat dog. But it still has the same loyalty traits.

4. Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a little bundle of cuteness. But you shouldn’t judge this breed by its tiny frame. Interestingly, the Terriers are one of the most loyal dog breeds around. And you can tell from their history of protecting their owners. In the past, they had a good start when they helped coal miners ensure that their workspace was rodent-free.

5. Akita

The Akita has two prominent sides—intensely protective and fiercely loyal. Its loyalty lies with its owners. But with strangers, this breed may be a nightmare. So, the Akita can double for a loyal pet and tough guard dog. In other words, if you work to gain Akita’s trust, you may earn a life companion.

6. Brittany

This breed has a strong prey drive. So, if you plan on having cats alongside, you have to train this breed from puppyhood. Brittanys are inquisitive and swift, according to Animal Planet. They enjoy exercising with their owners.

Brittanys also love scouting, hunting, playing, and running. Plus, they are quite responsive to their owner’s direction.

7. Xoloitzcuintli

If this breed’s name is tough for you, feel free to call it the Mexican Hairless. Or you can call it Xolo for short. That said, it has a history of loyalty that dates back to over 3,000 years.

At first, they don’t blend easily with new people. But they tend to stay devoted to their owners for life—when you earn their trust.

8. Australian Kelpies

Australian Kelpies are more like a double-edged sword. And it’s because they are extremely alert and aware. Plus, they are quite loyal to their owners.

So, with a Kelpie, you may never get bored. And when you need to take a break from everything, they make excellent watchdogs.

9. The Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees has a lot of wonderful attributes. Aside from this beautiful mountain dog’s loyalty, it’s strong-willed. Patience, smartness, affection, and calm are its other attributes.

But, if you plan to settle for this breed, you have to be a firm leader. And it’s because the Pyrenees grow to 100 pounds or more as adults. Plus, it protects its owners with its life—if you train it properly.

10. Keeshond

Keeshond is a breed that offers you companionship, loyalty, and protection. They are adorable and intelligent dogs with a charming personality. Also, they are quite easy to train.

Plus, their affectionate and playful nature makes them ideal for families. Interestingly, this breed is hardly a nuisance barker. Most times, they bark to signal that a stranger is close.

17 Amazing Tips That May Make Your Dog Loyal

Didn’t find your breed on the list of loyal dogs?

Not to worry, I can’t exhaust the list.

And it’s crucial to note that most dogs are naturally devoted. Plus, they may love humans more than their species.

But if you think your dog is disloyal, there’s a way out. Here are amazing tips you can try:

1. Establish your position as a pack leader. After all, dogs are pack animals. So, they naturally follow a leader. You can achieve this by showing love and firmness alongside.

2. Create some time for cuddling with your dog. That way you’re communicating love and comfort. While you’re it, teach your dog the limits.

3. Ensure that your home is quite comfortable for your dog. Consequently, it may reduce the chances of misbehavior. Also, remove temptation from your dog’s reach like plates of food.

4. Involve your dog in some personal activities. Consequently, he will feel wanted and important—dogs have feelings too, you know! For instance, you can play a game of fetch by throwing a ball or frisbee for your dog to chase.

5. Create a domain. And, it would help if you pick a comfortable area. In summary, you should try creating a domain that your dog can call him. That way, he will feel more secure.

6. Make it a habit to communicate with your dog. Talking helps your dog understand what you are saying. So, it’s ideal to watch your tone and talk often. It will also help your dog know the emotions you exhibit per time.

7. Avoid prejudging your dog. Since every dog is a different individual, know him first. Then you may understand how to handle him.

8. It’s possible to build loyalty by showing your dog you trust him. If you criticize him regularly for things he hasn’t done yet, he interprets it as distrust. So, scold him after the deed not before. But you can take necessary actions if he does the wrong thing.

9. Plan daily walks. Going for walks is a two-way thing. That is, it keeps you and your dog fit. And it also gives you more bonding time. So, you can create a routine time. And your dog will look forward to the activity. The goal here is to meet all your dog’s needs.

10. Show your dog some loyalty. How? Well, you can start by recognizing when he needs you. Also, you can make sure he doesn’t run out of important things he needs. You can also ensure that people don’t treat him unfairly. As a result, you’ll be important to him.

11. Proper training promotes a relationship that may make your dog have a sense of loyalty to you. So, you can start by showing him respect. And he may return the favor with ease.

12. Dogs can be fearless. But they may have their downtimes. So, you should be his source of comfort when loud thunderstorms take him unawares. You can try reassuring him in a calm and soothing voice.

13. If you’re far from home for long hours, chances are your dog will get excited when you get home. And the reaction you give matters. So, if your dog shows excitement on your arrival acknowledge him. You can also talk to him about your excitement. Or pat him on the head.

14. Provide rewards like a healthy doggie snack for your dog—when he does a good job. It also promotes bonding and may encourage his loyalty.

15. It’s ideal to be patient with your dog. No doubt, he will frustrate you a whole lot. But you should be firm and consistent. And if you overreact, you may not meet your goals.

16. Avoid using intimidating techniques to train your dog. Instead, you can use positive reinforcement techniques. That way, you may have a well-rounded dog that’s loyal.

17. Watch out for your dog’s emotional state. If you notice it, don’t force intimacy. Give your dog time to come around. Over time, he will see you as one who treats him well.

7 Ways to Test Your Dog’s Loyalty

Now that you have an idea on how to make your dog loyal, it’s time to put it to the test.


1. Ability to Check-in From Time to Time

One of the creative ways of testing your dog’s loyalty is its ability to check on you often. For instance, if you go hiking with your dog, he may jog ahead of you. But he may stop at different points to check on you. That’s a sign of your dog’s loyalty.

2. Eye Contact

Your dog may form a habit of having eye contact with its owner. After all, it’s the first thing dogs learn in basic obedience classes. According to some researchers from Japan, a dog’s eye contact signifies loyalty. While at it, the dog also shows high levels of the love hormone (oxytocin). And it increases the owner’s oxytocin level as well. In summary, eye contact may be a good test. After all the process kicks starts a feedback cycle of loyalty, attachment, and love.

3. They Put Up a Show in Your Presence

When your dog is loyal, he gets excited to see you. And he shows it by showing a lot of relaxed body language. For instance, he may wag his tail from side to side, roll over for a belly rub, etc.

4. Responsiveness

Responsiveness is one of the best ways to test your dog’s loyalty. So, when you talk, your dog may respond with obedience. It also shows the bond strength between a dog and its owner.

Awesome Loyal Dog Quotes

With that said, quotes are not enough to express how much our dogs mean to us. But, it’s a great start. And that’s why we compiled a list of dog quotes on loyalty.

“The little money or possession you have doesn’t count, you’re wealthy when you have a loyal dog.” – Louis Sabin

“Certainly, the dog is loyal. But what’s the idea of using him as an example? His loyalty is to man, not to its specie.” – Karl Kraus

“In reality, the best solution to all the things that trouble you has fur and four legs.” – Mark J. Asher

“Things may prick you; men may abandon you; the weather may not be in your favor; but if you own a dog, you’re never friendless.” – Douglas Malloch

“A dog can die. However, they live too. And before they die, they live. They live beautiful lives that are full of bravery. They safeguard their families. And show us their loyalty. They add a lot of brightness to our lives. Plus, they don’t bother about the fear of tomorrow.” – Dan Gemeinhart

“With a lot of appeals, the dog looks up. His liquid brown eyes say it all: I want to go with you. I’ll behave. Oh, such lies that dogs told.” – Courtney Milan

“You can hurt a dog if you reject his loyalty and love—deliberate or not. But it never has the chance to respond in true sorrow. And it’s because the dog doesn’t hold back love and loyalty, regardless of your denial; the dog strives to love you more. It doesn’t focus on distractions like lovers, work, home, or friendship. Instead, the dog pays close attention to the unwavering affection in its purest form. And it needs just a little portion of what it gave.” – Michael A. Ferro

“The loyalty and love you get from a dog is second to that of mothers.” – Radhika Mundra

“Dogs tend to be forgiving, capable of pure love, loyal, fearless, and patient. These are attributes that a few people use at least once to get through life.” – M.K. Clinton

“If you notice that your best friend (your dog) turns on you, access yourself carefully. You may discover that you have a chronic personality disorder.” – Will Leamon

“It’s thrilling to have dogs as loyal friends. And if they could talk, they will keep your secrets safe. (But, if my cat could mutter words, I’d allow the dog to eat her).” – Richelle E. Goodrich

“When you are a sincere dog, it shows as you wag your tail. You reveal your ferociousness when you bark. But when you choose to bite, you’ve become a crazy dog.” – Amit Abraham

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer that advertises on television, Hitler, or Charles Manson. Your dog will see you as the greatest human being. It tells you quite a lot about dogs: they aren’t so bright, but they are loyal.” – Dave Barry

“I find myself making a bud in all my trips. With you, I make an instant connection and the feeling is mutual unlike with humans. Language isn’t a barrier. He says a lot with his eyes. And it’s easy for him to read my expressions as we talk for hours. Thanks for granting me this special mutual understanding I always miss with humans.” – Ashish Bhardwaj

“The unrivaled follower is your dog; he thinks you are the very image of God.” – Donald Friedman

“I’ll tell you a fact: when you want to expand your lifespan, boredom can be your enemy. If the whole routine is so boring, the continuous eating, sleeping, working to eat some more, shitting some more—you may do something stupid for entertainment. And you may die. Or even sink into depression. So, it’s best to live your last days as an animal. Otherwise, you’ll be bitter about what you’ve lost and your past. Plus, you may even turn against people. Hence, take my free advice: find something to love and make you laugh. That something should sustain you here and now. Hounds are ideal. And they do it for me.” – Kevin Hearne

“I noticed that when you are in deep troubles, there are certain things you get from the silent loyal companionship of a dog that you can’t obtain from another source.” – Doris Day

“If your children at home are teenagers, it’s crucial to have a dog. That way, someone in the house will be happy to see you” – Nora Ephron

“The bond you have with a dog can last as the ties of this earth can ever be.” – Konrad Lorenz

“The moment you have a dog, it’s quite difficult to imagine what it looks like to live with one. Subsequently, you may find it hard living any other way.” – Caroline Knapp

“With money, you can get a fine dog. But it’s only love that can make him wag his tail.” – Richard Elliot Friedman

Rounding Up

There you have it: a list of loyal dog quotes. I hope you enjoyed the journey. And it reminds you of how wonderful dogs are, generally.

After all, “life is a series of dogs”. Plus, “the moment you have a brilliant dog, a life without one, is a decreased life.” – Dean Koontz.

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