5 Best Dog Ramps for Jeeps

We tested five unique dog ramps and found the Solvit PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Ramp to be the best Dog Ramp for Jeeps.

If you’re like me, you love taking your dog out to different outdoor adventures! And if your dog is anything like mine, he or she loves it as much as you do. As someone who trains dogs of all ages, I am constantly ushering canine companions in and out of my Jeep Wagoneer. 

If you own a Jeep without a dog ramp, you’re likely doing one of two things: Letting your fluff jump up into the vehicle, or carrying him in yourself. The former is tough on the joints of our puppies, especially senior dogs and those with arthritis. The latter is tough on our joints! Basically, having a dog ramp for your Jeep is easier in the short run and healthier in the long run.

Our Best Dog Ramps for Jeeps

  • Solvit PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Ramp: Our number one choice features a telescope construction allowing you to customize its length to a very specific degree. This allows you to use it for any Jeep. More importantly, you can use it for any dog regardless of age and conditions since you can control the ramp’s steepness. It’s also comfortable and strong enough to hold up to 400lbs which is the most of any ramp on this list.

But if you have super particular needs, the other four dog ramps for Jeeps have their own unique strengths!

Let’s dig into why each dog ramp is so great!

5 Best Dog Ramps for Jeeps

Best Overall: Solvit PetSafe Happy Ride Deluxe Telescoping Dog Ramp

The PetSafe Happy Ride is one of the most versatile dog ramps out there, and its special telescoping storage format allows you to use it for any model jeep no matter how high up the instep is.

You can adjust the ramp length from 39” to 72”, and any size in between. We love the telescoping quality because the instep of my Wagoneer is about 20” off the ground, and my puppy is most comfortable with the ramp at about 45”-50.” 

The telescoping format’s gradual sizing also allows you to constantly adjust the ramp’s steepness as your dog gets older.

It’s only 13lbs, but the ramp is super strong. It’s made of aluminum and plastic and can support any furry friend just over 400lbs, without any bending at all. This is great for first-time users. Bending and shaking could scare dogs from using the ramp, especially during the training period!

The surface of the ramp has great traction. The only downside is that it’s just a tad gritty. Most dogs are perfectly comfortable with the texture, but I imagine those with susceptible paws wouldn’t love it! 

Finally, both my hunting buddies and I have had pleasant experiences with the PetSafe product expert teams. Safety and knowledge are a top-notch priority for me whenever I’m buying something for my dog, especially for travel and adventure. It’s good to know their product team is available on Monday through Saturday if you just give them a call or an email.

Best Compact Ramp: Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp

This ramp gets to be 71” long and 19.5” wide, but provides the most compact storage capabilities. It features a tri-fold, which means you can shrink this guy down to a third of its size, which is about 23”.

I used to have a midsize Jeep Grand Cherokee, and with the rear seats in use, it seemed I only had 30 cubic feet of space with all of my outdoor gear back there. The Pet Gear Tri-Fold ramp is perfect for situations like this, or if you’re like I am when I’m training dogs, you have multiple puppies in your car! 

The skid-resistant surface gives excellent traction, but like the Solvit Petsafe, might be gritty for very sensitive paws. However, the texture stays effectively grippy even when it’s wet. 

This ramp can support dogs up to 200lbs, and features rubber grippers for stability on the bottom. The only downside is that while this ramp is super compact, it’s a bit heavy at 25lbs.

Finally, the Pet Gear Tri-Fold offers an unconditional lifetime warranty! Overall, this ramp is for those with multiple dogs or for those who don’t have much storage space. 

Best for Stability: LUFFWELL Portable Dog Stairs

Staired ramps offer more stability than regular ramps, so if your dog has issues with dizziness, such as vestibular syndrome, this ramp is a good option for them. The LUFFWELL Portable Dog Stairs are foldable, made of aluminum, and can support up to 200lbs.

The dog ladder works for Jeeps and trucks at 28”-36”. It has five generous 10” steps, each featuring a non-slip surface covered with a cute paw print design. The incline is slow and gentle, which is super soft on your dog’s front and back leg joints. This makes life easier for puppies who are handicapped or injured, as well.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the best option for super-short-legged dogs like mini dachshunds, unless they’re incredibly hoppy!

This LUFFWELL is only 8lbs, which is exceedingly convenient. You can use it on your couch or bed at home, and on other vehicles like vans and sedans.

It folds into a manageable 15”×13”×5”, and comes with convenient pad handles. Also, the foam handles at the ends make it simple to fold and unfold, and ensure they won’t scratch up your Jeep.

Best for Comfort: Gen7Pets Natural Step Dog Ramp

The Gen7Pets Natural Step Dog Ramp wins the award for the most comfortable ramp for two reasons.

The ramp’s surface turf is made of a special material called poly grass, which imitates a grass leaf bed. This is remarkably comfortable for your dog, and is even gentle on the most sensitive paws. Despite the softness of this material, it still provides an excellent grip to avoid slippage.

Secondly, I don’t know about you, but my dog loves the grass. The imitation grass isn’t just physically comfortable but adds a layer of fun for your canine buddy. The ramp features a safety strap that helps to hold it in place, in case he scuttles down with a little too much enthusiasm.

The dimensions are 72”x16”x1.5”, and it weighs 17lbs, so it’s compatible with virtually any Jeep style. The ramp is also sturdy and can hold up to 250lbs.

It automatically locks when you fold it up for ease of storage and comes with a rubber handle and rubber grips for extra security when placed on the edge of your Jeep.

Opt for the Gen7Pets Ramp if your dog has sensitive paws or a dog and a cat (cats can grip the polygrass with their claws without damaging the turf).

Best for Senior Dogs: Kurgo Wander Collapsible Dog Ramp

The Kurgo Wander Collapsible Dog Ramp is one of the most low-stress ramps out there, making them perfect for senior dogs or dogs with joint problems or hip dysplasia. The slope is very gentle, and the guide rails on the side are higher than most dog ramps, which adds an extra safety level.

The ramp is 15.5” wide with a non-slip surface, and it also features ridges on the bottom side of it, which back the ramp’s base of rubberized feet.

The sturdy plastic construction can hold a dog up to 150lbs. Regardless, the whole ramp weighs an easy 10.5lbs and easily folds and locks. When it’s unfolded, it’s 62” long, and when it’s folded, it’s 32” long. 

I’m a big lover of Chocolate Labs, and they have a tendency to get arthritis, so I’m a massive fan of this ramp myself! I’m especially impressed with their lifetime warranty, which is applicable when you purchase this ramp at any authorized dealer. Make sure you check who your seller is!

Guide to Buying Dog Ramps for Jeeps

When buying your dog ramp for your Jeep, you’ll need to pay attention to a few factors.

Material of the Ramp

The Body of the Ramp

Plastic is the most common material used to make dog ramps. They’re sturdy and durable and have a higher-weight capacity, but can sometimes be heavy. Thinner plastic ramps are more easily transported, but if it’s too thin, it may likely only hold small to medium breeds.

Aluminum, especially aircraft aluminum, is strong and lightweight. Often, aluminum and plastic are combined to make durable yet light dog ramps.

Also, consider how often you’ll be using your ramp and take into account if you have more than one dog. The stronger, the better in this case.

The Top of the Ramp

Textured ramps, such as carpet and synthetic materials, have excellent grip. Make sure to consider your dog’s sensitivity as some textures may be uncomfortable for them!

Rubber is a bit heavy, but they’re grippy and comfortable.

Size of the Ramp

Length: How tall is your Jeep? Make sure the ramp can comfortably extend from your Jeep to the ground.

Also, longer ramps have a lower incline, making balance easier when your dog is climbing up. The telescoping construction makes controlling length easier and more accurate. 

Weight: This is related to the material the ramp is made of. Sturdier ramps are often heavier, and lighter ramps are often shakier. 

It’s good to really consider your dog’s weight and if he or she has any conditions. A super sturdy ramp may be a pain if it’s heavy, but it’s still worth it if your Mastiff has joint issues and needs 100% stability on his ramp.

Width: Study your dog’s gait. Related to this is whether or not the ramp has guard rails, and how high they are.

If your dog has conditions that cause balance issues, you’ll definitely need a wider ramp and guard rails.


If you have more than one Jeep, make sure you can move the ramp from one car to the other easily. Besides considering the weight, also consider dog ramps with carrying handles, especially for heavier ramps. Bonus points for comfortable, padded handles or ones that are ergonomically designed.

Another option is simply buying a ramp each Jeep. That’s always the easiest!


Are stairs or a ramp better for dogs?

Yes, it will protect your dog. We tested five unique dog ramps and found the Solvit PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Ramp to be the best Dog Ramp for Jeeps.

How often should I clean my dog ramp for my Jeep?

Clean your ramp as often as you clean your Jeep, once every other week. However, make sure to clean it right away if it gets foul during an outdoors excursion or if it’s exposed to bad weather.

Do I need a dog ramp for my Jeep if my dog is young and healthy?

Having a ramp for your Jeep will be easier for your dog and helpful on his joints in the long run. If he’s young, healthy, and a good jumper, buying a ramp isn’t urgent, but it’s always best to start early.


We hope this was helpful for you and your puppy!

If you’re looking for an overall high-performing dog ramp for your Jeep, we recommend the Solvit PetSafe Happy Ride Ramp.

For a senior dog, remember that the Kurgo Wander Dog Ramp is the most low-stress, with the highest rail guards, but that the grass-like turf on the Gen7Pets is the most comfortable!

The LUFFWELL‘s stairs make it the most stable, and Pet Gear ramp’s tri-folding construction makes it the most compact.  

Choose the right one for you and head into adventure with your dog!

Click any of the links above to buy your dog ramp for your Jeep at Amazon today!

Karlton Tyack

Karlton Tyack

Karlton Miko Tyack is an outdoor enthusiast and a specialized dog trainer who is an experienced dog trainer for bird hunting. His best friend and companion dog was a giant chocolate Labrador named Mr. Jack.