7 Best Dog Ramps for Bed

Did you know that spending time with your dog could be a great way to ease your stress?

A recent study showed that interacting with dogs often helps to decrease your level of cortisol—which is a stress-related hormone and even reduces your blood pressure.

That’s why it’s hurting to see your dog struggling hard to climb your bed.

But there’s a way out!

Simple—by getting the best dog ramps for bed—they help your dog climb the bed conveniently.

Thus, our team put up this extensive buying guide to help your buying decision, when it comes to dog ramps for bed.

 Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

The Top 7 Best Dog Ramps for Bed

1. PetSafe Sovit Bedside Ramp

With a capacity to handle weights of up to 120 pounds, this ramp is ideal for large dogs and smaller pups. So, it’s pretty sturdy and durable—thanks to its wooden design.

If you’re looking for a modern and stylish design, you can go for this glossy and sleek ramp.

Also, the ramp is very compatible with most queen and king-size beds. Hence, it’s adjustable to different heights—which gives even small dogs access.

For your dog’s safety, the ramp comes with a soft material that’s not too thin or slippery. Hence, it can provide him with comfort and grip as the dog moves up and down.


  • It can support almost all dog sizes
  • The assembly is super easy with straightforward instructions
  • The ramp comes with a carpet material that aids total control and grip for your dog


  • You can’t flatten or fold it once you set it up

2. Pet Gear Stramp

This product is the perfect combination of a ramp with fully-built and functional stairs.

So, it’s a carpet-covered ramp that’s free-standing, which makes it easy for your injured, small, or old dogs to go to bed.

The Pet Gear Stramp snaps in three pieces, without any tools required. Also, it’s lightweight and simple to move from one location to another.


  • The ramp snaps don’t require difficult tools and it snaps easily together
  • Lightweight and portable ramp weighing less than 10 pounds
  • You can’t remove, dry, or wash the ramp’s carpet tread


  • The ramp’s incline is quite steep

3. Merry Collapsible Ramp

You can pick this dog ramp if you have a small room space. Or better still if you visit crowded areas like parks. It doesn’t require any assembly before use. And it comes with folding capacities that make the ramp easy to flatten and fold.

But there’s more!

If your dog is up to 125 pounds, you can consider this ramp because it has the capacity.

Also, the ramp comes with rubber grips and wheels that make it easy to roll out.


  • It comes with a group of rubber grips that help to keep your dog steady
  • Super easy to set up because you don’t require assembly
  • You can fold the ramp easily and store it under your bed or couch


  • The quality of the material isn’t so sturdy and rigid

4. PetSafe Solvit Pup Step

The PetSafe Solvit Pup step is a ramp with two available size options.

Also, this ramp is apt for small dogs because of its stairs with thin steps, small treads, and small spaces between them.

The ramp stairs also come with built-in guard rails which may be ideal for dogs with non-skid feet.

Also, the ramp has a folding capacity, which makes it easy to store.


  • It comes in two size options to accommodate both large and extra-large space for various dog breeds
  • It has built-in safety features like rubber feet, guard rails, and non-slip
  • Very easy to fold and it has a great storage capacity


  • Stairs are quite small for large paws.

5. DachRamp

If you’re looking for a dog ramp that best suits your dachshunds, you can consider getting the DachRamp.

Aside from dachshunds, other small or mid-sized dog breeds can use this ramp.

The manufacturer claims to build the ramp by hand from a soft carpet material and smooth wood.

Nonetheless, the material of this ramp is quite rigid. And that makes it simple for your dog to have a good grip without getting hurt.

But that’s not all!

You can adjust this ramp to fit three different heights, which may be an ideal option if you have multiple bed sizes in your home.


  • The ramp has three different height adjustments
  • The Ramp base has a rubber grip that helps its stability
  • It’s easy to store thanks to its ability to fold to a quarter of its original size


  • It has only one color style

What Is a Dog Ramp?

Before we go further, let’s start from scratch.

What exactly is a dog ramp?

A dog ramp is a flat piece of wood, metal, or plastic that extends from a lower to a higher surface—intended to help a dog get to a height without hopping, climbing, or even your assistance.

So, most times, people use them to move their dogs to a vehicle because it’s usually risky for them to do it independently.

However, recently, we see a lot of pet owners getting these ramps to assist their dogs with interior furniture like a bed or couch. Anyway, whatever your dog struggles to climb both indoor and outdoor may require the use of a ramp.

What Are the Different Types of Dog Ramps for Bed?

There are majorly two types of dog ramps for bed available:

1. The Stairs Style

This type of dog ramp may be an ideal option for your bedrooms or living rooms. It makes landing and climbing tall couches and beds easy.

One striking feature of the stairs dog ramp is that it blends easily with your existing furniture—which adds beauty to your interior décor.

2. The Ramp Style

This ramp style is the regular flat surface dog ramps for bed. So, you can also place it in your bedroom or living room. The only difference between it and the previous style is its flat surface. So, you can consider it—if you have a wounded dog.

Also, there are a few hybrid dog ramps for beds that convert from stairs style to the flat ramp style and vice-versa. The most important thing is to get something that matches the demands of your dog.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Dog Ramp for Bed?

There are loads of reasons and benefits for buying a dog ramp. But ensure you get the durable and sturdy options. And ditch the cheap or phony ones.

1. Buying a dog ramp may help to boost the health of your pet.

Why is that?

As your canine grows, she may develop pain in her joints and eventually find it challenging to jump on your bed or couch.

But with a dog ramp, your pet may find it easy to climb your couch or bed without elaborating on her joint pains.

2. Your dog gets to spend more time with you—which invariably boosts your health and reduces stress.

3. If you get a dog ramp for bed, it can reduce disease advancement in your dog and even give him a more positive mood—which also translates to a better quality of life for your dog.

4. A dog ramp could help to give your little pup or small breed dogs more access to you.

That way, you may also be saving your back from the stress of always picking them up every time. While doing so, perhaps, you’d be giving the dogs more opportunity to develop faster.

5. If you want to shower your dog with a lot of independence—while saving them from unnecessary injuries—especially when you’re not home, you can try a dog ramp. Plus, you won’t have to monitor every move your dog makes.

Who Should Buy Dog Ramps for Bed?

Are you a pet parent with small-sized or senior canines? Then, perhaps, you should give the dog ramp a try.

The dog ramps could assist your senior dogs to climb easily without hurting their joints—especially if they have mobility challenges.

If you’re a pet parent having small canines, you aren’t left out. If your small dogs are finding it hard to climb your tall couches and beds, then you should consider getting one too.

What Are the Factors to Consider Before Buying Dog Ramps for Bed?

Here are a few factors to consider before getting a dog ramp for bed:

1. What Is the Purpose of the Ramp?

Each dog ramp comes in various styles, which are suitable for different purposes.

Also, every dog ramp has its specific purpose to help your dog climb your bed conveniently.

Therefore, you need to go for dog ramps that best fit your purpose. So, if you’re getting a dog ramp that blends well with your furniture, go for it. That means you’re after an attractive additional piece of furniture.

But if you’re after functionality, you can as well go for something that improves the convenience of your dog more—ignoring aesthetics.

2. Is the Dog Ramp a Permanent or Temporary Option?

If you plan to buy a ramp for your dog, you need to determine if it’s a permanent or temporary solution for your canine.

For instance, if you plan to use the ramp occasionally—probably for your dog’s periodic vet checkups, you can ignore the cost, and probably go for any affordable option that works.

But if you’re going to use the dog ramps more often—for walks at the park or errands, then you can consider more durable options.

Similarly, if you’re going to use your interior dog ramp occasionally against creating a permanent fixture in your home, you can go for something you can fold up. But if you intend to install the ramp permanently, then you can consider something that adds comfort to your dog and aesthetics to your décor.

Also, you should consider a ramp that gives your dog easy access, while it prevents you from tripping over it.

3. Is the Surface Non-Slip?

Your dog is most likely to climb any ramp you get him rapidly.

Hence, he may not take time to know where he places his paws to get a good grip. For that reason, your dog may slip, especially if the ramp is at an incline position.

That’s why you need to pay uttermost attention to the texture of the ramp to avoid slipping. The general rule of thumb is to get a non-slip ramp. But if your ramp isn’t non-slip, you can buy non-slip stickers and install them.

Of course, strip stickers are easy upgrades for any ramp—whether it’s non-slip or not. The only slag with these stickers is they don’t deliver full coverage. So, they are not so effective if your dog has small paws.

In the end, you need to find the best non-slip option that best fits your dog’s paws—considering its breed.

4. Telescoping and Compact Folding Ramp?

If you’re planning to buy a ramp, first consider its computability. Most times, dog ramps are a few feet long. So, you can’t just place it anywhere—unless it’s smaller and more compact.

If you stay in a small house, you need to take this factor seriously, except you’re ready to make your house even smaller with a large ramp.

You can consider going for a slide flat ramp that can go under your bed if your room is dinky.

But this doesn’t apply if you’re dealing with a very spacious bedroom—for a more permanent solution. Nonetheless, you can still have a ramp with folding legs which you can move around your house easily—whether it’s for your couch or bed.

5. What Is the Weight Limit of the Dog Ramp?

It’s very pertinent to consider the weight of your dog before purchasing a ramp. There are other things to consider as well while you check your dog’s weight.

For instance, you may need a large buffer, if you’re dealing with a very enthusiastic and anxious dog.

Of course, you don’t want your dog wobbling on the ramp because of his weight. It’s ideal to opt for an option that’s stable enough to hold your dog’s weight—especially if he bounces on it.

So, I’d advise that you go big on the weight limits, especially if you have dog breeds like Bulldogs, Rottweiler, etc. However, I suggest you handle the issue with a bit of discretion. You don’t want a ramp armed with steel—which could be heavy and stressful to move around.

6. Is the Ramp Easy on Your Dog Paws?

A rough surface is ideal if you’re going for a non-slip surface. And it’s easy as well. This means you have a ramp with a texture that isn’t as rough as sandpaper—which could be uncomfortable for your dog’s paws.

Yeah, I know!

The paws of your dog are usually tough.

But why push the tolerance to the limit if you can get something comfier for her?

So, for interior-based dog ramps, you can try going for non-stickers with carpet surfaces.

But if your dog is smaller, you can decide to add velvet stickers—which helps to reduce slipping and still keep your pup comfy.

7. Does It Have a Lightweight?

Of course! We’ve talked a little about the weight capacity of the dog ramps. But, I can’t overemphasize the “weight” because it’s worth repeating.

Except you’re trying to build more muscles like “Brandon Curry,” “the former Mr Olympia,” it’s best to go for ramps with lightweight.


You’re most likely going to move the ramp around, and you want something easy and stress-free.

I know you might need heavy ramps to support your big dog, but it’s best to do it moderately. If you intend to use the ramp for your couch, you need to take the weight seriously. And it’s because a solid wooden ramp can have the same heaviness as a solid steel ramp.

8. How Durable Is the Ramp?

If you don’t want to be on the market every three months, then you shouldn’t negotiate durability.

Different dog ramps come in various materials. Some are more durable than others.

So, here’s a clue:

By default, fixed ramps come with more durable materials because they are usually a more permanent solution in the home.

Generally, wood is the most popular material used for making dog ramps for beds. And it’s because they blend better with most beds and they are more durable.

However, don’t forget to consider weight, while you’re on about durability. The key here is to have a balance.

9. What Is the Length of the Ramp?

I earlier mentioned getting a compact dog ramp, especially if your bedroom space is small.

However, I must also advise that you shouldn’t ignore the length of the ramp. And it’s because most pet parents are usually tempted to buy a short ramp to take less space.

Going for a shorter ramp automatically means you’re settling for a steeper incline—which could be risky for your dog. It may not be a really big thing for your young and agile dogs, but it becomes an issue as they grow older—especially for their joints.

So, if you’re opting for a fixed ramp, I suggest you consider your dog’s abilities and age before making a decision.

But in any case, you can try getting a long ramp for your aged dog. Or better still buy a long ramp for your dog’s entire life. That way, he can continue using it as his abilities diminish. But it’s an awesome option if your bedroom is spacious.

Also, don’t neglect the ramp’s width—because a wider width helps to accommodate your pooch safely.

10. What Are the Safety Features of the Ramp for Your Dog?

It’s always paramount to consider the safety features of the dog ramp you intend to buy.

So, if your dog likes to go up and down your bed in the dark, you may need to get a ramp that has reflective strips on its surface. That way, you can help the dog see clearly at night.

You can also consider getting ramps that have side railings as a safety feature. After all, dogs aren’t exactly like humans. They don’t seem to be cautious as they go up and down the ramp quickly. With railings, you can avoid the dogs slipping and getting hurt.

Few Safety Tips on How to Train Your Dog to Use a Ramp

It’s normal for your dog not to know how to use the ramp. So, they may keep jumping onto the bed or couch.

But it takes a lot of patience and time to teach your dog to use the ramp safely.

Of course! A few dogs may pick it up easily. But if your dog is struggling to get it right, you may have to lure them up with a few treats until she gets used to it. And it’s best to ensure they practice using the ramp every day.

So, I recommend that you don’t leave your dog unsupervised until she knows how to use the ramp perfectly.

I know it could be a bit painful sometimes watching them fail constantly. But, you must remember that it’s only for a short while—before your dog gets perfect at it.

So, when your dog is starting, ensure to use the ramp on a very stable and flat surface. That way, you’ll avoid sudden and unnecessary movements that could lead to slipping and falling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my dog use a ramp?

With the help of treats, you can quickly make your dog get used to a ramp. So, it’s best to start early with your puppy.

What is the best angle to place a dog ramp for the bed?

For your little pups, 18 – 20 degrees is ideal. But 22-25 degrees is preferable for mid-sized canines.

Are wooden ramps ideal for your dog?

Yes! Most times they are sturdy and reliable for your dog. Plus, wooden ramps help to keep your dog warm in cold regions.

Which is better: Ramps or Stairs?

Everything depends solely on the reason why your dog needs a ramp. So, if your dog can’t hop for heights, you can use stairs. But, in most cases, ramps are ideal—to prevent your dog from joint injuries.

Closing Words

For the best dog ramps for bed, our clear winner is the PetSafe Solvit Bedside. Among all the dog ramps reviewed in this article, the product has the most capacity to handle all dog sizes.

Also, this ramp is compatible with most beds and it has different height adjustments. Most importantly, the ramp has one of the safest measures for your dog. In terms of safety, the PetSafe Solvit Pup step is also a considerable option because of its in-built guard rails.

In the end, the choice you make still boils down to the specific demands of your dog. But, in all honesty, I’ll recommend the PetSafe Solvit Bedside. It’s an excellent option to consider—especially if you want to groom your dog with one ramp for his entire life.

Karen Riley

Karen Riley

Karen J. Riley is the Founder of Ihavedogs, She also is a certified pet nutritionist, work in Veterinarian at VetPro Pet Care for four years work experience. She has a great motive of helping the pet parents to give their dogs a happy and healthy life full of fun and activity.