5 Best Adjustable Dog Ramps for Couches

After testing several indoor adjustable dog ramps for couches, we found the AlphaPaw Paw Ramp to be the best overall.

As a dog trainer, I’ve owned many dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages throughout the years. Having raised many pups since birth, I’ve even had many opportunities to watch them grow! Regarding different sizes and ages, one thing I’ve learned is that it’s important to keep a dog ramp for your couch handy -even if your canine companion doesn’t seem to need it yet.

For one thing, you never know if an unexpected illness will create a need for this assistance. Secondly, as dogs get older, they themselves may not always be able to discern when their joints need a little less pressure. Especially since they’re so used to simply hopping up on the couch themselves!

Adjustable Dog Ramps for couches

Out of all the dogs I’ve raised into their senior years, there’s always a handful who will be stoic about new special needs as they arise. Many senior dogs don’t realize they’ve become more limited in their capabilities. And we don’t always realize it either. Unlike with cars, jumping onto the couch may be a daily occurrence, and your dog is just used to doing it.

Veterinarians say that if your dog hesitates or if they are panting or restless after the jump, then they’ve likely needed a ramp for a while. You definitely don’t’ want to wait this long. It’s best to be ahead of the curve for your dog’s health. Too much joint pressure can cause conditions like hip dysplasia. One of my pups had that condition, and it affected his overall health since he was no longer able to exercise effectively.

For our best overall dog ramp for couches, we’ve chosen the AlphaPaw PawRamp.

It has everything you need, from a coach ramp, from height adjustability and convenience to durability and comfort. Moreover, veterinarians approve of this ramp, and you can get it at a reasonable price considering how high-quality it is!

But what if you have specific needs for a very specific and special pup? Well, for the rest of the roundup, we’ve created categories for individual situations. These include:

  • Best Ramp for Bigger Dogs: SASRL Adjustable Pet Ramp
  • Best For Dogs That Need Stairs: PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps
  • Best Ramp For Dogs That Need a Foam Ramp: Topmart 3 Tiers Ramp
  • Best Ramp for Senior Dogs: Gentle Rise Dog Couch Ramp

Now that you know how important it is for your fluffy friend to have a dog ramp for the couch keep reading to see our five best, all in different categories!

The 5 Best Adjustable Dog Ramps for Couches

Best Overall: AlphaPaw PawRamp

The dynamic AlphaPaw PawRamp offers slip-resistance, height adjustability, long-lasting durability, and it’s conveniently fully assembled as is. On top of that, it’s rated #1 by veterinarians. Its specs include a length of 32.5 inches, a width of 14 inches, and a capacity of 70 lbs. 

When it comes to comfort, the no-slip base is made of a scratch-resistant material that stays soft and easy on your pup’s paws even with constant and continuous use. This is important because if you buy a ramp with lower quality, your dog may stop using it eventually. 

This ramp is also incomparably functional. Depending on how tall your couch is or how steep you want your dog’s journey to be, you can easily adjust the height from 12 inches to 16 inches. It boasts a sturdy wood construction with steel fasteners, so it stays safe and still regardless of how aggressively your furry friend stomps on it.

And the best part about the AlphaPaw PawRamp is how convenient it is. It packs perfectly flat into a 3.5-inch standing height, meaning it can fit in closets or even under the bed. I put it behind my couch, so it’s close by. Though it’s collapsible, you don’t have to take it apart. Likewise, it comes out of the box fully assembled. Now that’s easy!

Best Ramp for Bigger Dogs: SASRL Adjustable Pet Ramp

Sometimes even big dogs need help getting on the sofa, especially if yours is especially high. The SASRL Adjustable Pet Ramp is made of solid wood with stainless steel fasteners throughout. In fact, each ramp manufactured is independently tested for safety, with an impressive capacity of up to 200lbs! 

It’s also height-adjustable with three options: 9.3 inches, 19.6 inches, and 24 inches. As a self-standing structure, you don’t even need to place it on top of the coach for support. Regardless, it’s collapsible and transportable, so you can carry it around easily.

Not only is the top of the ramp made of a high-traction carpet with slip-free grooves, but the entire ramp can also be used as a scratching toy. The strong wooden material features a layer of environmentally-friendly plastic that isn’t damaged by animal nails. This is great if you also have a cat in addition to your canine companion! 

It’s also exceedingly easy to clean! All you have to do is take a brush, a vacuum, or even a wet towel to it. It may be comfortable, but it’s made out of strong and water-friendly materials. 

Best Ramp For Dogs That Need Stairs: PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps

If your dog still has the balance and agility to use stairs and steps, choose the PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps. This will ensure that they continue to use and strengthen these qualities while still being delicate on their joints. The specs of this ramp is 24 inches by 16 by 19.5 inches, and it weighs a convenient five pounds.

While slippage is less of a concern on stairs, this ramp still incorporates a non-skid fabric tread over the steps, just in case! Additionally, there are added side-rails, so your best friend has a safe journey on and off the couch. Even though this ramp is incredibly lightweight, it can actually support breeds up to 150 lbs.

And while this isn’t as important as safety and comfort, you can choose between a tan or a grey option to match your living room, and it’s made in the USA with high-quality materials. Keep your dog’s agility intact by using these pet stairs.

Best Ramp For Dogs That Need a Foam Ramp: Topmart 3 Tiers Dog Ramp 

If your pup has really bad arthritis, for example, osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease, the most important thing is to make sure your couch ramp is soft. While sturdy wood and plastic ramps are strong, they’ll be uncomfortable and harmful for the most advanced diminished joints. The Topmart 3 Tiers Dog Ramp is the perfect ramp in this situation.

It has a foam construction with a soft and delicate corduroy cover. The foam is so high in density, that your canine companion’s paw will just sink in, without compromising support, yet it will also bounce right back into shape. This ensures a long-lasting softness and strength. Did we mention that the cover is conveniently washable?

The specs are 23.6 inches long, 15.7 inches wide, and 15.7 inches high. The steps are wide and deep at 15.7 by 7.85 inches. These are perfect for dogs with injuries since the gentle construction will reduce the strain that would usually come with simply jumping on the couch.

Best Ramp for Advanced Senior Dogs: Gentle Rise Dog Couch Ramp

Most dogs that need a ramp are either seniors or injured. If your dog is an advanced senior, meaning over 12 years-old, go for the Gentle Rise Dog Couch Ramp. 

The walkway is made from recycled rubber, making it much more slip-resistant than stairs or carpet, even in wet conditions after bath time. As Gentle Rise mentions in their description, this ramp was designed specifically for seniors. It has a dog rail that you can attach on either side depending on your dog’s preference, or depending on your couch’s orientation.

The slope of the ramp is exceedingly gradual and the walkway itself is very wide. The combination of material and design provides maximum traction, cushion, and a soothing and pressure-reducing effect on your older pup’s sore joints. It also has a 120 lbs carrying capacity.

Buying Guide

There are several considerations when choosing the right dog ramp to help your pup get onto the couch.

  • Material: Wood and plastic are sturdier, but the foam is softer. Softness is more important for pups with joint issues, but durability and sturdiness are more important for fluffy friends who have balance issues. Plastic is lighter than wood, and therefore easier to move around.
  • Incline: Balance comes into play here again. If your dog has bad balance, you’ll want the incline to be more gradual.
  • Base: The base of the ramp must be non-slip, even if your dog doesn’t have grip problems. It keeps him safe at all times.
  • Price: As your dog gets older, you’ll want to invest in the best there is out there. However, that doesn’t always mean the most expensive. Revisit our list to find the best in each category regardless of price.
  • Storage and maintenance: Collapsible ramps are more convenient, but sometimes older dogs need something with a solid, unmoving base. Plastic is easier to clean, but carpet bases provide great traction. It’s important to weigh out the difference to find the right combination of features for you.


How do I choose a ramp for my dog?

You must consider your dog’s size and age. If he’s over 200 lbs, you’ll need a special ramp for heavier dogs, and if he’s older, you must consider softer material and gradual inclines.

Are steps or ramps better?

Ramps are better for dogs aged 12 or older or dogs with severe joint issues. If your dog needs assistance getting up onto the couch but it still has good balance and agility, go for stairs. This way, they can still exercise those intact qualities. 


By allowing your dog to use a ramp for an everyday task like getting on the couch, it allows them to stay safe, comfortable, and it also gives them back their independence and confidence!

The AlphaPaw PawRamp has the best combination of qualities from durability, comfort, convenience, and great traction. That’s why it’s our favorite, and the favorite of veterinarians all over.

If you have a bigger dog, like a Mastiff, go for the SASRL Adjustable Pet Ramp, since it has a whopping 200 lb carrying capacity! The best stairs are PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps for those who still have a good balance that we need to keep intact. For a soft, joining-soothing ramp, Topmart 3 Tiers Ramp is an effective choice. And finally, if your pup is over the age of 12, we highly recommend the Gentle Rise Dog Couch Ramp.

Keep your canine companion happy with one of these fantastic ramps. You can click on any of the above links to purchase your own couch ramp!

Karen Riley

Karen Riley

Karen J. Riley is the Founder of Ihavedogs, She also is a certified pet nutritionist, work in Veterinarian at VetPro Pet Care for four years work experience. She has a great motive of helping the pet parents to give their dogs a happy and healthy life full of fun and activity.