5 Best Dog Dock Ramp For Your Day Out

Choosing the right dog ramp can be difficult, so I did some of the work for you. After searching through hundreds of options, I’ve narrowed it down to five great ramps for your next adventure.

If you often take your pup along for your outdoor adventures, a dock ramp might be an important tool to make life easier for you and your furry friend. Dog dock ramps make it easier for dogs to get in and out of the water. 

This will make their experience much more enjoyable since they won’t ever feel like they are spending more time in the water than they want. Plus, it will help you since you won’t need to struggle with lifting your dog out of the water. When it comes to dock ramps, they’re well worth the money.

My first choice of the ramp is a versatile ramp with a non-slip rubber surface that works great in wet and dry conditions. This ramp isn’t specifically designed to be used in the water, but it can easily be attached to many pools and docks. 

The PetSTEP Original Folding Ramp is my top choice because you can also use it to get a dog in and out of your car before you get to the water. It’s easy for them to use and comes with handles for easy carrying. 

Of course, there are many other things to look for in a dog ramp. Depending on the adventures you and your dog take, you may need a ramp designed specifically for a boat or a pool. No matter your need, one of these five best dog dock ramps should do the trick!

I’ve made sure to look for features like ease of use, comfort for your pet’s paws, portability, and durability. By narrowing down the options, you should have no trouble finding a ramp that will work for you and your best friend.

Whether you are looking for a ramp to attach to your duck boat, a ramp for your pontoon, or a ramp for your pool, I’ve got you covered. Let’s get started!

The 5 Best Dog Dock Ramps For You and Your Pet

PetSTEP Original Folding Pet Ramp – Best Overall

My top choice for dog dock ramp is the PetSTEP Folding Pet Ramp. This ramp doesn’t work with a boat, but it can be used in a pool or off a dock, as long as the water isn’t too deep. The rubber material means it is waterproof, easy to clean, and durable. 

This also made it into the category of best because it is highly versatile. It can be used in all conditions, to help your dog get in and out of water or in and out of a vehicle. It can also be used indoors to help your dog with stairs. 

The ramp is rated for up to 500lbs, meaning it can support the weight of any dog. It’s wide enough for most dogs without being too big for you to carry. In order to make it more portable, the ramp folds up and has handles on the side. 

One additional plus of this ramp is that it is comfortable and easy for a dog to use. The rubber surface allows for plenty of grips, but won’t hurt your furry friend’s paws like some of the more sandpaper-y surfaces. Overall, this is a great and versatile ramp good for many different situations.

Drifting Marine Dog Boat Boarding Ladder – Smallest and Lightest

Sometimes all you need is a small, portable ramp that can come with you and your dog no matter where you’re going. That’s where the Drifting Marine Dog Boat Boarding Ladder comes in handy. 

This small, lightweight ramp is made of aluminum with a mesh netting that is slip proof and waterproof. It can be attached to the side of most boats, as well as to pool ladders and docks. The ramp’s adjustable hooks make it a good choice for a variety of places.

This ramp is rated for dogs who weigh up to 125lbs. Though your furry friend might need a little bit of extra time getting used to the netting, it is ultimately a comfortable option and won’t hurt their paws. 

The ramp is wide enough for big dogs but the mesh netting is stable enough that small dogs should also be able to use this to get in and out of the water comfortably and safely. If you’re looking for a small, portable dock ramp, look no further.

GREAT DAY Load-A-Pup – Simplest for Dogs

I wanted to include an option that is easy and intuitive for dogs. Some dogs might have a hard time climbing up a ladder or balancing on a ramp. That’s why the GREAT DAY Load-A-Pup is a good option. 

This isn’t so much a ramp as it is a platform that allows the dog to easily climb out of the water before then getting back into the boat. You can think of it like a single step out of the water or a solid surface for the dog to get their bearings on. 

Depending on what kind of boat you are using, or where you are attaching this dock, smaller pets might have a hard time getting from this step to the boat. However, the height is adjustable and you should have no problem getting it set up for medium to large dogs. 

The GREAT DAY Load-A-Pup is designed with hunting dogs in mind and fits perfectly on a hunting boat. It’s great for retriever dogs who need to be able to get in and out of the water quickly and easily. The surface has ridges designed to give your dog plenty of grip as they come in and out.

This dock also folds to completely flat and weighs only 7lbs. This means it is portable and easy enough to carry with you and store between trips.

Avery Dog Ramp – Most Portable

The Avery Dog Ramp is the most portable of ramps. Unlike most other dog dock ramps, this one is made of fabric. This means it’s incredibly lightweight–weighing only 2lbs! It also folds down to 14in for easier carrying. 

This ramp has pocket steps to give your dog additional grip. These steps are easy to use for most dogs, though they may not be wide enough for the largest breeds.

Besides the portability, one of the best things about this ramp is that it’s easy for dogs to use. Many other ramps are made with hard materials like metal and may be frightening to dogs who aren’t used to them. However, the fabric material on the Avery Dog Ramp is approachable and less scary for new dogs. 

This ramp also prioritizes safety, with no sharp edges and a strong frame that can support the weight of most dog breeds. This is definitely a great option for dogs who need a little extra help or who are scared of other ramps. It’s small, lightweight, and highly portable!

Beavertail Aluminum Folding Dog Ladder – Best for Hunters

Some of the other ramps on this list have been stated as being good for hunting dogs, but this one is especially good for duck boats. The Beavertail Aluminum Folding Dog Ladder is somewhat of a combination between a ramp and ladder. 

Many dog stairs are actually bad for the dog’s joints, but this one has a gentle step that allows them to get up quickly without causing damage in the long run. It is made of aluminum, so you may need to add your own rubber coating or carpet if your dog isn’t comfortable stepping on the aluminum. 

The ramp does come with rubber arms in order to attach to the edge of your boat without causing any damage. It comes in an olive green color great for hunters but can fit some other boats as well. 

This ramp also folds in half for easier storage or transportation. It does weigh a little more than some of the others, at almost 10lbs. However, this also means it’s quite strong and can support the weight of any dogs. 

Things to consider when buying a dog dock ramp

Size of your dog

Before buying a ramp, make sure that it will work for your dog! As you know, dogs can range from weighing 5lbs to 150lbs, and not all ramps are designed for all dogs. If you have a large dog, make sure the ramp can support their weight. If you have a small dog, make sure the ramp isn’t too steep or too high for your little guy.

Dog’s ability

Along with size, you also need to consider your dog’s ability and comfort level. If your pup is scared of heights and uncomfortable in the water, you’ll want to find the easiest ramp out there. However, if your dog is a professional athlete, you just need something to make their life a little easier and might be able to opt for a simpler, cheaper ramp.

Planned activities

Another factor that might be obvious is to consider the kind of activities you plan on doing with your dog. Do you just need a ramp to attach to your boat? Will you be on the side of a river coming in and out of the water from a dock? Do you need a ramp that will work for a boat and an RV? All of these are questions to ask yourself before purchasing a ramp. Make sure your new purchase actually works with your planned activities.


Consider the weather of your activities as well. If you’re going to be in full sun, know that the color of your ramp will likely fade, and the cloth will be worn out more quickly. Make sure the material won’t get too hot and burn your dog. If you are often around water and rain, make sure your ramp is actually waterproof. And, if you are planning to use the ramp in the cold, make sure it’s made of a material that won’t hurt your pup’s paws.


Another factor to consider is durability. How long will this ramp last? The more you use the ramp, especially around water, the quicker it will wear out. Make sure you find a ramp that is rated to last for years of adventures rather than a single outing. 

Compatibility with dock, car, boat, etc.

This point feels fairly obvious as well. You need a ramp that will actually attach securely to your boat, or car, or dock, or swimming pool. You can read through the reviews to learn what other users have discovered, but in the end, this one may just be a case of trial and error. I suggest purchasing a ramp that has a good return policy, so you can get your money back if the ramp doesn’t actually fit securely where you need it to.

Ease of use and installation

One last thing to consider is the ease of installation. You don’t want to spend hours attaching the ramp every time you and your dog want to go out. Make sure the ramp is easy enough to move around, store, and secure once it’s time to use it. Make sure it’s easy for your dog as well. You don’t want your puppy to feel frustrated or scared, so give them time to practice and take the time to find a ramp that is easy for them to use.


All in all, the best dog ramp for you will vary depending on your needs, uses, and dog. However, these five options are a great place to start. I especially recommend the PetSTEP Original Folding Pet Ramp

This versatile ramp is easy to use in a variety of situations. It’s comfortable for your dog and portable for you. It’s waterproof and can easily be cleaned. No matter what you need a dog dock ramp for, the PetSTEP Original Folding Pet Ramp is a great place to start. You can find it on Amazon for an affordable price and in two colors. What are you waiting for? It’s time to take a new adventure with your best friend!

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