5 Toughest Puncture Proof Dog Pools

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I tested five dog pools and found the Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool to be the best of all the puncture proof dog pools on the market right now.

Having grown up with big Old English Sheepdogs and now with my own smaller, but no less active dogs, I recognize qualities that will stand up to serious use when I see it. And despite living in one of the snowiest small cities in the country, our summers get really hot, so dog pools are a must!

When my husband and I moved into our house last year, we knew we wanted to provide some cooling options for our pups during those dog days of summer

Luckily we were able to test out a few different dog pools in our new backyard, and we both — well actually, all four of us — discovered we loved the Jasonwell pool the most.

This pool definitely has a few features that set it apart from the rest of the pack, starting with its portability. As the direct sunlight changes locations in our yard, depending on the time of day we’d set it up, it would get moved around a bit. I’m not super strong, but I was easily able to fold it up or just scoot it over to where I wanted it in the shade. 

Despite its mobility, this thing was also super sturdy. I did give our pups’ toenails a quick trim beforehand (because why court disaster?), but the pool barely saw any wear or tear by the end of summer.

Of course, my dog situation is not your dog situation; maybe you have a huge dog or two huge dogs? Maybe you prefer something inflatable? I have some other great options that tailor to your specific situation. 

Read on for my “Best Ofs,” all of which are sturdy and resist tears, plus a handy buying guide to help you choose which one will help your dog “chill out” in the heat.

Product Reviews

Best Overall – Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool

Puncture Proof Dog Pools

The Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool is the best dog pool out there. I was nervous at first about whether or not it would live up to its reputation. But after letting my two pups romp around in it all summer, I can say with confidence that its ultra-strong PVC composition isn’t getting punctured any time soon.

We got the XL size, as we have two fur babies who like their space, and it was perfect. The pool actually comes in five sizes (S-XXL), so no matter what type of dog you have, there is a pool for you. 

Set up was super easy and quick; I know this, because I made my kid do it while I made sandwiches for lunch. When summer was well and truly over, I was even more impressed by how easy it was to fold up and stow away in our little shed.

Best for Small Dogs – One Dog One Bone Bone-shaped Pool

The sole polyurethane pool on this list, I was nonetheless impressed by how sturdy and durable the One Dog One Bone pool really is. 

I have a medium-sized beagle and a very small chihuahua (seven pounds, soaking wet), and I can confidently say that while a larger dog might enjoy this as a soaking tub, my littlest guy especially had a blast practicing his doggie paddle in the shallow water.

Yes, it has a higher price point, but the pool looked virtually the same by the end of summer — very little wear or tear.

Best for Huge Dogs – KOPEKS Outdoor Swimming Pool

Puncture Proof Dog Pools - Amazon

A friend of mine has a big 90-pound Bernese/Lab mix, so I invited her and Hank over to give the KOPEKS Outdoor Swimming Pool a try.

We were both really impressed by the quality of this pool, against the hard use of such a large animal. He likes to dig — it’s the lab in him — and despite his pawing at the floor of the pool, that industrial-strength PVC held strong. 

The XL size, which is 63 inches in diameter, gave him plenty of room to spread out and submerge. An A++ for this guy!

Best for Multiple Dogs – YAHEETECH Foldable Dog Swimming Pool

Puncture Proof Dog Pools

We had new neighbors move in next door with two dogs of their own, so to be neighborly we invited them over for a backyard puppy pool party. This YAHEETECH Dog Swimming Pool held its own against four dogs.

Similar in size to the KOPEKS model, we were nonetheless very happy with the non-slip surface, a very important feature when you have four canines splashing around and creating general chaos.

If you have four dogs, this pool will be taking a lot more heavy usage than normal, so I also like how they do include some PVC patches — just in case. 

Best Inflatable – Alcott Inflatable Pool for Dogs

Puncture Proof Dog Pools

An inflatable? Among these fold-up pools? Yes! The Alcott Inflatable is actually made from the same PVC material as the others, so you know it’s going to be a puncture resistant option. 

Even better, if you are very short on storage space, it deflates to practically nothing. It would fit in a coat closet. Plus, it’s a portable pool that can travel with you (how about a camping trip?), and it won’t break the bank, either.

Buying Guide

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Here are some items to mull over as you consider which pool will suit your needs.

Why buy a dog pool at all?

Dog pools vs. human pools

Let’s just get the obvious out of the way: you’d have to be rich like Oprah to install a family-size pool just for your dog. So obviously if your furbaby needs a way to cool down in hot weather, something smaller and more economical is the way to go.

If you already have a nice backyard pool, you might be thinking “Why get a separate pool specifically for the dog?” While human pools are typically safe for pups, pools specifically made with dogs in mind are even safer and have more dog-friendly features.

Too much chlorine exposure, greater risk of drowning…why chance it?

Then there are also kiddie pools, which you can find as cheap as just one dollar at your local dollar store. 

Even with that kind of savings, it’s not worth it to buy a kiddie pool for the pup and call it a day. While those plastic ones are, indeed, quite sturdy and puncture proof, they might not be large enough for your dog to truly enjoy the water, and cheaper types might not have great traction in them. 

Inflatable kiddie pools are also non-conducive to pet play. The vinyl probably won’t last a single swim session before your pup’s nails puncture through it (hence why a puncture-proof dog pool is so important). Why waste the money — not to mention, risk your kid’s extreme displeasure? 

Benefits of pool play

Pool play is beneficial for dogs for a variety of reasons, starting with the obvious relief from the heat. If you live somewhere where the climate is always like a cranked-up furnace or your summers are hot but you have no air conditioning, a dip in fresh, cold water is a must for pups. 

Geography comes into play again. If you’re land-locked then bodies of water must come to you. Even if you do live near a stream, river, lake or ocean, getting the dog there can be such a production; isn’t it easier when it’s right in your backyard?

Just like for senior citizens, water is a terrific exercise tool for older dogs who might experience pain (or overweight dogs, too). The low-impact resistance of some pool splashin’ can help dogs stay active and maybe lose a few pounds.

Finally, being in a pool is exhausting…in the best possible sense. The resistance offered by water is low-impact, but it’s resistance all the same. The more you tire out your dog by day, the less likely he or she will go on a destructive tear by night. This is especially useful if you have a super energetic puppy.

Types of Pools & Materials


PVC is one of the most popular materials of which dog pools are made. A vinyl-like substance that is super durable and strong, PVC pools won’t puncture, isn’t super heavy and typically fold up conveniently for storage.

Structural foam

Structural foam pools are non-folding and hold their shape, resembling more of a bathtub. It would take many dogs’ force to put a hole in it, but they can be a pain to store in the off-season. Also, pools of this type that are large enough for big dogs can easily cost hundreds of dollars.


Polyurethane is another super durable, fade-resistant material, but like structural foam, it can come with a heavy price tag for bigger pools. Still, you get what you pay for; polyurethane dog pools are pretty much puncture-proof and have an impressive lifespan. 

In Conclusion

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Again, the Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool is your best bet overall. It’s a crowd-pleaser, but more importantly, it’s a total puppy pleaser. 

You can purchase the Jasonwell here, so you’re all ready to go when the temperature starts rising.

Cara Suppa

Cara Suppa

Cara Suppa is a dog groomer and an enthusiast writer. She is a longtime pet blogger and dog owner who loves trying out new toys and gear with her beagle and Chihuahua.