Jasonwell Dog Pool Ultimate Review

Everyone deserves the chance to have some summer fun, even if you’re packed into a tiny space. 

Bring the joy of a pool day to your kids or pet with the Jasonwell Dog Pool. This mobile pet pool can be drained, folded, and moved around to whatever location works best for you. 

In this review, we’ll explore the benefits of this dog pool, how to use it properly, and essential tips for keeping your pet cool during hotter weather. 

Your pet’s safety is our top priority. We would never recommend a product that we wouldn’t use with our own families (and our dogs are prominent family members). 

Jasonwell Dog Pool Overview

jasonwell dog pool

With a puppy pool, like Jasonwell’s, users have the chance to keep their dogs safe and happy, even on the hottest summer days. By setting the pool up in the shade, even those August afternoons will feel like a breeze for your dog. 

The Jasonwell Dog Pool is a durable, affordable, and reasonably-sized swim pool. It takes minutes to prepare the pool and get swimming. It’s easy to use and not difficult for animals or children to climb in and out of. Your pet, kids, and maybe even you will get a lot of use out of this item. It’s great for lounging, playing, or bathing your pet. Thousands of buyers have reviewed it favorably online, as well. 

The thicker material along the bottom of the pool is non-slip and helps prevent water from leaking. That said, the company still recommends that you keep your dog’s nails trimmed before using the pool. Incredibly sharp claws could cause a rip and force water to leak everywhere. We strongly recommend using this pool outdoors, on a surface that can afford to get wet. Otherwise, the pool could ruin your floors and cause water damage. 

How To Use The Pool

Fortunately, using this pool is incredibly straightforward. When you receive it, the item will arrive in a plastic pouch. Slide it out of the bag and unfold it. Set it up wherever you’d like it and fill it up with water. Double-check that the nozzle is fully closed on the side of the pool before filling it with water. 

To clean it up, open the valve and let the water pour out. The pool does take some time to dry out completely, so it helps to set it in the sun for a bit. Use a towel to soak up the rest of the water and fold it back up like an accordion to put it back in its plastic pouch. Be sure it’s totally dry before putting it away. 

We strongly recommend double-checking the temperature of the pool regularly, especially on sweltering days. You may need to drain the hotter, stagnant water and refill it with cooler water a few times to make sure your pet remains comfortable. It will help prevent your pet from overheating and keep the water clean. 

Standout Features

Simple Setup

One of the dreaded features of dog pools for most pet owners is setup. If a pool isn’t made of rock-hard plastic, then it’s likely inflatable. Dog owners are forced to puff and puff to blow up the pool, and the whole experience becomes wildly unenjoyable. It’s a lot of work just to get everything ready. 

Fortunately, Jasonwell saw that feedback and designed a pool that would be extremely easy to prepare; no inflating necessary. The sides of the pool are made of a thick fiberboard and wrapped in non-slip plastic. The bottom of the pool is a durable, grippy plastic to help prevent slips while holding water. Position it in your yard and fill it with water from a hose. 

Easy To Maneuver 

Dog and kid pools from the past were overwhelmingly made of thick, durable plastic. The plastic would get hot to the touch quickly in the summer sun and was often difficult to store when it wasn’t in use. The plastic was not flexible, but it was typically very cheap. 

The Jasonwell Dog Pool is a bit more expensive than those older dog pools, but its design allows for simple storage. You can fold it and unfold it in seconds. When you aren’t using it, you can slip it into its plastic wrap and slide it on a shelf instead. This product is excellent for small homes or townhouses that may not have large storage or big yards. It’s easy to throw this pool around and even easier to store it. 

Easily Cleaned

A clean pool is crucial for a healthy pet. The pool drains pretty quickly, but we, of course, encourage you to dry it before putting it away thoroughly. We also recommend wiping it down with soap and water to clean off any mud, dog hair, and debris. It will help prolong the life of your pool and keep your pet safe from any bacteria. 

Size Variety

The Jasonwell Dog Pool is available in several different sizes for customers. If you have a smaller pup, who may not lift its head very high off the ground, check out the smaller dog pool. It’s about 32 inches in diameter and 8 inches tall. Your pet will be able to spread out comfortably, and you won’t need to worry about their head slipping underwater. 

If you have a giant pup who needs space to spread out, Jasonwell also manufactures pools that are medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large in size. All of these pools are only 12 inches deep, so your pet can lay down in the water, but they range in diameter. For example, the large is about 48 inches wide, where the XXL is roughly 63 inches in diameter. 

If you plan on picking up this dog pool for your kids instead, consider the larger sizes, so they have space to move around— that way, you won’t have to keep replacing the pool as your kids grow larger. 

Alternative Options

dog run to dog pool

Image by 825545 from Pixabay

If the Jasonwell Dog Pool isn’t for you, there are plenty of other fun summer alternatives you can pick up instead. 

Best Sprinkler Splash Pad

For the pet owners who want a more fun alternative to a puppy pool, consider the morpilot Sprinkler Splash Pad. The pad itself is only about 51 inches in diameter, it’s shallow enough for a dog to lay down, and the material has a thick PVC reinforcement to stand up against dog nails. 

Hook this splash pad up to your hose and watch for your dog’s reaction. Users can adjust the splashing water’s height, too, for a gentle splash or two-meter-high fountain fun. You can also clean off this pad easily and fold it up for smaller storage. 

Reinforced Swim Pool

While there are many plastic dog or kiddie pools available today, few offer extra reinforcement for users. The Intex Mini Frame Pool works as a fun place for your kids or pet to swim and has the added support of metal frames. The pool won’t fold up under any circumstances, and the brackets could serve as a stable handlebar for young children who may not have great balance. 

Setup for this pool takes a bit longer than Jasonwell, but it’s easy to clean and comes with a repair patch in case of any tears. Manufacturers padded the reinforcement beams too, so they’re comfortable to hold or rest against. The cost of this pool is on par with the larger Jasonwell pools. It’s also 48 inches by 48 inches by 12 inches, so it won’t take up too much space in your yard. 

Cooling Option For Small Spaces

If you’re unsure that you can have a dog pool in your yard or on your patio, there are still plenty of products that can help. Consider an alternative like a Coleman Cooling Gel Pet Pad to help keep your pup feeling chilled this summer. They use a minimal amount of space and are usually very easy to clean (and require no added water, so you don’t have to worry about water damage). 

Dog cooling pads are typically budget-friendly and usually consist of a cooling gel to keep your pet comfortable. Most will not require any additional refrigeration (although some users will throw them in the fridge to “recharge” the gel. They’re straightforward to use. However, they typically don’t last very long with pets, especially rowdier ones. You may need to replace it semi-frequently. 

Final Thoughts

Your pet’s health during the hot summer months is vital. Organizations like the ASPCA and the Humane Society offer great advice on keeping your pet safe in hot weather and how to spot dangerous signs of overheating. Some of the tips to keep in mind include:

  • Keeping your pet in shady, open-air areas.
  • Providing lots of cool, clean water.
  • Limiting exercise during hot days. 

The Jasonwell Dog Pool is the superior pet pool for summer fun. While there are many alternatives available, this pool comes with a plastic carrying case, folds up and stores easily, and stands up to playful pups or kids. 
It doesn’t tear easily and does not require any inflation. Your pet will be happy to have this pool when summer rolls back around. Check out this budget-friendly pool on Amazon today.

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Kylie Sheaffer

Kylie Sheaffer

Kylie Sheaffer is a Brooklyn-based writer, dog lover, and veterinary technician. She volunteers at dog shelters and has previously served as a foster parent for puppies.