Best small dog carrier backpack

Do you find it hard managing your work, vacations and your dog at the same time? Let’s be honest, it can be a daunting task to keep a balance. You don’t want to miss your work deadlines or your daily chores, neither would you want to miss on your dog’s walk time and their meals.

If you have any of the above mentioned problems, or if you just live alone and want your pet to be under your guard at all times even while you’re at work, then all you need is a dog carrier backpack and you can take your pet along with you.

Dog carrier backpacks are small, portable backpacks with enough room for your pet to sit comfortably. They are easy to carry and are very comfortable for both you and your dog. They are ideal for breeds like Pomeranians, bichon frise and chihuahuas.

How do I Choose The Best Small Dog Carrier Backpack?

There are several things that you need to keep in mind before choosing the right dog carrier backpack. Here we have premiered a convenient guide that you can always look up to when choosing a dog carrier backpack.

Before selecting a dog carrier backpack, make sure to keep in mind the following important factors to make sure you choose the right carrier backpack.

Measuring your dog’s size and weight. The most important thing to keep in mind is your dog’s size, your dog needs to fit snugly and comfortably in the backpack. Many of the dog carrier backpacks have an upper weight limit, make sure your dog comes under the maximum weight limit of the backpack before selecting one, this is usually not a big issue if you have a small-sized breed of dog.

Comfort. No matter how small your dog may be, carrying them around on your back can be a painful task if the carrier is not comfortable enough. Backpack carriers must have padded straps and must be able to distribute weight evenly. Before selecting a backpack carrier for your puppy or dog, double check the quality of the straps. Not only for you, but an ideal backpack carrier must be comfortable for your dog too. If there is a mesh panel on the front end of the carrier then make sure it has enough spacing to allow ventilation for your dog. 

Your requirement. You have the choice between front facing backpacks and back facing backpacks, with both having multiple strap options to suit your needs, for instance a strap with a big surface area would ensure no discomfort in long usage. 

The flexibility of your carrier. You might require the carrier for all sorts of uses, you might go hiking, trekking, running or you might want to do your chores with the carrier bag on. If it is any of it then you need a back facing backpack with big shoulder straps with maximum service area.

The durability of your carrier. Quality is the prime factor before buying any product, you need to choose a backpack made of a durable material that will not break or fail in your daily commute, it should also be very comfortable for your dog. There are different kinds of materials used in making dog carrier backpacks, soft nylon is a great option as a material, it is widely used as it does not cause any discomfort to you or your pet for long term usage.

Airline approval. Airline approval is a big factor in choosing dog carrier backpacks if you travel very often for a trip or for work. Before you take your dog to the airport you need to make sure that your dog carrier backpack is airline approved. The guidelines vary from airline to airline but there are some internationally prescribed standards that apply everywhere.

You need to make sure that your backpack has a pee pad or a wet pad base, it should have mesh panels to allow proper ventilation from a minimum of 2 sides. It must have zipper locks and no snaps, the pet carrier backpack has to be designed in such a manner that your pet is fully enclosed in it, no part of the pet should stick out of the carrier backpack.

What are The Different Types of Dog Carrier Backpacks?

The dog carrier backpacks can be broadly classified into two types, front facing backpacks and back facing backpacks. Let’s look at the differences between the two.

Back Facing Backpacks

If you’re taking your dog out with you on a daily routine then you should really go for the back facing backpacks as they give you enough breathing space and don’t let the heat collect, they also have a great weight distribution.

They are very ergonomic and are always the preferred choice if you have to carry your dog around for a period over 4 hours. There is a wide array of back facing backpacks available that you can use to take your dog along with you on long hikes and adventures, some back facing dog carrier backpacks are designed in a manner that they can be used as front facing carriers too. 

Front Facing Backpacks

If you are planning to go on a solo trip and want to take your dog with you, then you would want to go for a front facing backpack. The main reason being that it lets you keep a check on your dog at all times to make sure he is comfortable.  

Their only downside is they are often the cause for backaches, if you have spinal problems or have a bad posture the front facing backpacks are definitely not the right choice. According to some users front facing backpacks make it difficult to climb uphill because of the extra weight it adds in front of you. 

If your dog is tiny and you already have to carry a backpack, then front facing backpack carriers are just the right choice for you as they don’t add a lot of weight to the backpack. 

Are Dog Backpacks Cruel?

The short answer is NO. Dogs, especially small dogs, love to snug in the backpacks and like being carried around. Smaller dogs tend to get tired sooner and walking on long trips is not their cup of tea. It is also important to note that smaller breeds of dogs, like the pug or pomeranians are quite fragile and some even have a chance of catching a heatstroke, so as their owner you would always want them to stay under your guard.

They are great if your pet has low stamina and also saves your dog from other dogs, in an unfamiliar territory. They are really handy as they let you do your chores without having to worry about your dog, also to note that backpacks have been approved by several veterinary organisations and have been deemed as safe to use.

Handpicked Best Small Dog Backpacks

To save you from the trouble of going through several reviews and websites to select the right carrier bag, we have compiled an in-depth collection of carrier bags for small dogs so that you don’t have to look anywhere else.

We have kept in mind the important factors which are often overlooked while choosing a dog carrier bag, portability, quality and comfort are of prime importance so we have prioritized them over factors like price and looks.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the first entry in our list.

1. K9 Sport Sack

The K9 Sport Sack is designed for small to medium sized dogs, weighing 30 pounds or less. It can fit dogs of lengths between 20 and 30 inches, with girths less than 35 inches. 

It is a back facing carrier bag and is ideal for those who have to work for long durations with their pets, it is perfect for you if you often use public transport or go cycling. It is ideal for breeds like corgi, french bulldog, beagle, golden doodle and pomeranians. It also comes with a detachable storage and a strong base with over five safety and failsafe measures. 

This product has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars of over seventeen hundred reviews on amazon, which proves that this is quite a deal.


  • It comes with a detachable storage, meaning you carry extra supplies for yourself and your dog.
  • It has a meshed structure with fully ventilated sides which allows maximum air flow.
  • It has got soft straps with great surface area so it can be used for long durations without any discomfort.
  • It has got elastic sides for water bottle attachment.
  • It has a strong 20mm durable base pad. 


  •  This product does not have waist straps and might be slightly longer for some breeds. 
  •  A little expensive compared to other products in the same price range. 

2. PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier

Pet Ami deluxe pet carrier is ideal for puppies and small dogs because of its 18 pounds weight limit. The safety features of this backpack come in handy while travelling with dogs that are new to being carried in a bag. It is made of highly durable polyester which ensures its longevity. 

This is probably the safest option when it comes to dog carrier backpacks as it has three safety harnesses, which can be used to safely secure your pet to the carrier. This carrier bag has another safety feature which prevents the bag from collapsing on your pet.


  • The Pet AMI deluxe carrier is made of sturdy and well built polyester fabric that makes it durable.
  • It has a solid structured framework that helps keep it shape hard-wearing and prevents it from folding or losing its form. 
  • It has breathable mesh on all sides to keep your dog far away from skin irritations and inconvenience.
  • It is very conveniently priced.
  • It has a big front storage to store your pet’s essentials.
  • With its safety features of safety strap and three safety buckles, it keeps your dog safe and secure.


  • Even though the bottom padding of this bag is sturdy and durable, it does not fold and hence, can push into your back making it an uncomfortable experience for you.
  • The framework is not as strong and sturdy as it could be potentially.

3. Mogoko Dog Carrier Backpack

The Mogoko bag is a handy, convenient and probably the cutest and the most lightweight option which also happens to be light on your pocket. This bag is suited for very small dog breeds like pugs, yorkshire terriers and poodles, that weigh less than 10 pounds. 

This bag is made of an ultra-soft breathable mesh polyester fibre which makes it very comfortable for your dog. One element that makes this bag stand out is the centre hole for your dog to pop its head out and enjoy the travelling with you. This bag’s only downside is that it is suited for dogs weighing under 10 pounds and it requires two people to get the dog inside the carrier.


  • It is built of soft material that helps your dog enjoy a comfortable travel. 
  • For added convenience and protection, it comes with a waist buckle. This helps both you and the dog stay comfortable without straining your shoulders. 
  • It has padded shoulder straps to minimise the strain on your shoulders.
  • It also features a safety rope that attaches to the pet’s collar to keep the pet in place.
  • It can be used as both, a front facing and a back facing backpack.


  • Its base fabric is slightly fragile and flimsy.
  • The head opening is slightly too large for some breeds and creates room for the dog to escape.

4. Outward Hound PoochPouch

The Outward bound pooch pouch is based on a front-facing design that is very economical and budget-friendly. It has a very ergonomic design and lets you take your dog out and about while holding it in the front. It is made of water resistant, strong nylon fibres and follows a mesh design for breathability, it is also washable and easy to clean.The outward bound pooch pouch despite being easy on your pocket does not compromise on the security, just like the other carriers it comes with a safety 


  • This backpack is lightweight and water resistant. It is made up of nylon fabric that is both breathable and durable making it comfortable for your dog. 
  • The design includes downstring top and well ventilated sides for your dog.
  • It has padded shoulders and waist strap for a comfortable travel without straining your back with the dog’s weight.
  • It comes with an interior safety harness to keep your pet secure.
  • It has adjustable straps so you can place the carrier at a desired height.


  • It only fits the smallest of dogs under 10 lbs.
  • Taller pets tend to fall out of the bag because of its small size.

5. Pet Gear Roller Dog Backpack

This Pet Gear roller backpack is the swiss army knife of all dog carrier backpacks, it has got several products rolled into one,it can be used as a normal backpack and a car seat for dogs. It has got a telescopic handle attached to it, it supports a weight limit of 30 pounds and has enough room for dogs of small to medium size. This backpack is not very ergonomically designed and carrying the bag around can sometimes be uneasy, it can also be unappealing to some users. 


  • It has expandable sides which can be expanded to add 3 inches of extra space.
  • It has a telescopic handle which allows for easy movement, it is very convenient if you have to go for long walks and are tired of carrying your pet on your shoulder.
  • It is made of strong and durable fabric which ensures no wear and tear over long term usage.
  • It is suitable for dogs weighing upto 30 pounds.
  • It has extra storage pockets for your keys, cell phone and pet essentials.


  • The hard fabric might be uncomfortable for a lot of dog breeds.
  • The zipline’s quality is below par.

So Which One Should You Choose?

Well, it really depends on your situation and the kind of work that you do, while the pet gear roller backpack is a great option if you travel by air very frequently and you need all your pet essentials around you whenever in need, it is not very convenient for the daily commute. The undoubted winner according to us, is the PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier, it is our favorite and for a variety of reasons.

The first one is because of its supported weight range, it supports dogs up to a weight of 30 pounds, which is much higher than most supported weight ranges among all carrier backpacks.

It is made of long-lasting polyester nylon fibers. It also happens to be one of the most positively reviewed dog carrier bags on amazon and checks all the required guidelines for air travel. This pet carrier backpack practically screams quality, endurance, and comfort which were our most prioritized factors. 

Karen Riley

Karen Riley

Karen J. Riley is the Founder of Ihavedogs, She also is a certified pet nutritionist, work in Veterinarian at VetPro Pet Care for four years work experience. She has a great motive of helping the pet parents to give their dogs a happy and healthy life full of fun and activity.