Ruffit Dog Carrier Review

This review is of the Ruffit Dog Carrier backpack and its stellar alternatives. 

We’re pet-enthusiasts and lifelong dog owners. We wouldn’t recommend a product that we wouldn’t use with our own pets. 

The Ruffit Dog Carrier is a pet traveling case that resembles a small backpack or crossbody pouch. It safely contains small-sized pets while you walk, hike, ride a bike, or more. It’s a hands-free way to keep your dog close while you travel; because everyone deserves to bring the best friend along on their adventures. 

This Ruffit Dog Carrier, in particular, is currently discontinued. While it isn’t available on Amazon or from the Ruffit store, we wanted to point out the qualities that make this bag so great and point you to solid alternative choices.

Ruffit Dog Carrier Overview

Having the opportunity to safely transport your dog opens up the possibilities for travel and outdoor activities. Maybe you love to hike, but your pet struggles with asthma on long walks. Perhaps you’re a lifelong cyclist, and your pet loves to feel the breeze. Or maybe you’re just looking for a way to safely carry your pet into the vet’s office. 

Whichever way you like to travel with your pet, a carrier is a quick and straightforward way to make these different activities a possibility. 

Bags like the Ruffit Dog Carrier are built like solid backpacks. They help transport your pet by keeping them tucked close to either your back or stomach, depending on how you wear the carrier. 

How To Wear A Backpack-Style Dog Carrier

Photo by IronLau from Pixabay

To wear one of these carriers, tuck your pet’s hind legs into the base and place their body in the bag while allowing their front legs to relax out of the carrier’s armholes. 

Then, carefully lift the bag by its arm straps and, without jostling your dog, slide the straps over your shoulders. From there, you should adjust the straps, so it sits tight against your body. 

Keep in mind; some backpack carriers come with a chest strap clasp as an added security feature. If you’re wearing this carrier as a backpack, consider clasping that chest strap and tightening it against your body to add some extra support for your dog carrier. This added strap can relieve some of the pressure from your shoulders that the carrier’s weight can add. 

If the dog is on your back, they should be facing your back, almost as though they are hugging you. 

If you’d prefer to wear one of these backpacks as a front-carrier, then slide the straps on before putting your dog inside the pack. Once the straps are securely on your shoulders, slide your puppy’s hind legs into the bag. Make sure they are tucked in place firmly before moving around.

Significant Features Of A Backpack Carrier

Several features of the Ruffit Dog Carrier make it such a perfect bag for transporting your dog. When searching for a carrier, consider looking for one that has some of the following qualities. 

Security For The Dog

Obviously, any new pet product’s main priority should be whether it’s safe for your pet. On a dog carrier, look for products that feature security straps, zippers that lock in place, or interior clasps on the bag to attach to your pet’s collar or leash. A reliable dog carrier is one that goes above and beyond to keep your pet safe. 

The Ruffit Dog Carrier, for example, comes with a criss-cross strap feature. This strap crosses over the dog’s back and interlocks to keep the pet in place. 

Seek out bags that have features that limit your pet’s movement. We want your dog to feel comfortable in their carrier, but if they can move around too much, they could wiggle out or make it very difficult to hold or maneuver. 

Comfortable Shoulder Straps

It may sound like a minor feature but, trust us, it’s essential. Look for backpack carriers with wide shoulder straps. Ideally, the straps will also be padded. Wider straps help to disperse the weight of the bag. It relieves some of the tension and pressure for your shoulders and back. This way, you can comfortably carry your dog for extended periods. 

An uncomfortable carrier is practically useless. If you don’t want to wear it, you likely won’t use it very often. Invest in something comfortable for you and your pet. 

Durable Material

Like the Ruffit Backpack— look for backpacks made with anti-scratch, durable materials. Thick, heavy, or supported fabrics will give your dog some added security and help brace them within the bag. 

The durable material will prevent your pet from scratching, clawing, or gnawing their way out if they get uncomfortable too. It helps eliminate the chance of tearing or ripping on your bag, also. 

Different Size Options

Dogs come in all different sizes, so it helps to look for companies with several backpack sizing options. That way, you’ll have plenty of selections to choose from and, if the measurements don’t quite add up, you can reach out to the company for potential replacements. 

If you learn that you love your backpack carrier and your dog continues to grow, you’ll be able to keep purchasing the next size up to match them. 

Be sure to accurately and carefully measure your pet, though, before buying any carrier. Measuring a pet is pretty straightforward; take a soft measuring tape and carefully evaluate the length of their back (from their neck to their tail). Then measure the width of their neck and their body’s girth. That information will help you to make a clear choice for your dog’s carrier. 

Again, when picking the size, you want to be sure that your dog fits comfortably in the bag, but you also want there to be a tight seal. There should be zero chance that your dog could slide or bounce out of the bag. That snug shape will keep your pet on your back, even if you’re running, jumping, or moving quickly. 

Alternative Dog Carriers

If you’re unable to get a Ruffit Dog Carrier, there are dozens of alternatives to pick from instead. Here are just a few of our favorites.

K9 Sports Sack

The K9 Sports Sack is a perfect backpack choice for small to medium-sized dogs. It can be challenging to find a backpack that will fit a larger dog, and this pack steps up to the challenge. It comfortably supports dogs up to 30 pounds. If your dog is broader or lengthier, consider the large or extra-large bags to be sure they have enough space. 

This backpack rests squarely on your shoulders, like a regular bag. Its shoulder straps are moisture-wicking, though, to help prevent you or your dog from getting uncomfortable in hotter or rainy weather. Some users do report, though, that the bag can feel uncomfortably warm in the heat. 

Unlike the Ruffit Carrier, the K9 Sports Sack has a ventilated pack for your pet. The sides of the bag have a mesh-like design to promote airflow and to keep your dog cool. The bag has a sternum clasp that you can attach across your chest for added support. It also comes with a D-ring inside the carrier that can connect to your dog’s collar, which helps prevent your pup from wiggling out of the backpack. 

Pawaboo Pet Carrier

Unlike the Ruffit, this pet carrier has four arm and leg holes for your dog. Instead of your pet resting their hind legs inside the backpack, they fit into this carrier and let their paws hang freely. 

The Pawaboo is available in several colors and multiple sizes depending on your dog’s width, weight, and length. It’s very budget-friendly, and the fabric is durable. The outside of the pack resembles a mesh-like material, which will help keep you and your pet comfortable and cool. 

PETRIP Backpack Carrier

Finally, for a sturdier backpack option, we recommend the PETRIP Backpack Carrier for small pets. It can safely hold pets up to 15 or 20 pounds. Its exterior resembles a leather backpack. There’s adequate ventilation for your pet and a window for them to look out to view their surroundings.

While other, more-flexible bags can be squished tight for proper storage, this carrier actually folds together so you can slide it out of the way when you’re not using the bag. 

This carrier comes with an interior clasp that can hook your dog’s collar or leash to help keep them firmly in place within the bag. It zips shut and slides over your shoulders for a secure fit. 

Final Thoughts

While you may not be able to get the Ruffit Dog Carrier from vendors right now, you can find several excellent alternatives on Amazon now, like our top choice: the K9 Sports Sack

When you search for the perfect carrier, be sure to find one that fits your dog’s size, comfortably fits your body, and comes with supportive security features for your pet.

Kylie Sheaffer

Kylie Sheaffer

Kylie Sheaffer is a Brooklyn-based writer, dog lover, and veterinary technician. She volunteers at dog shelters and has previously served as a foster parent for puppies.