5 Best Motorcycle Dog Carrier

You’re a rebel, born to be wild. You like to ride off with the wind in your face and the sun on your back. You shouldn’t have to leave your pet behind every time you head off on an adventure. You can buy a safe, reliable dog carrier or sling for your best furry friend and bring them along on the journey.

After testing, researching, and reviewing a dozen products, I found the Kuryakyn Grand Pet Palace to be the best option for motorcyclists who want a carrier for their pup. 

We value safety above all else, and I want your best friend to tag along on your adventures, outings, and trips. The key here is security. You need a product that will keep your dog fixed to both yourself, the bike, or both, even in bumpy circumstances. Ideally, it’s also a product that is comfortable for you and your pet too.

Our top choice prioritizes safety and support above all else. Its structure ensures a careful ride and space for your pet to relax inside the carrier. Its design is high-quality and will mean a longer life for your investment.

The Kuryakyn is the best overall, but there are several excellent choices to pick from, based on you and your pet’s needs. Our list evaluates the best products for several different circumstances, so you can be sure you’re making an informed purchase that fits your pup.  

The 5 Best Motorcycle Dog Carrier

Kuryakyn 5288 Grand Pet Palace – Best Overall

A product that stands out as the best overall for your pet’s security and comfort is the Kuryakyn 5288 Grand Pet Palace. This carrier mounts to your bike’s sissy bar and secures with four straps and several D-rings. It’s a rigid carrier with internal support to protect your pup and give them a comfortable space during the ride.

One of the significant concerns of taking a pet on a motorcycle is their movement. If they move around too much, it could be difficult for riders to balance or focus. Fortunately, the Kuryakyn carrier has a D-ring inside the pack and a short adjustable leash. You can attach the leash to the D-ring and your pet, adjust it accordingly, and help limit your pet’s movement during a ride.

The pack itself comes with several ventilated mesh sides to maximize breathability for your pet. The bag’s material is also “UV-rated and weather-resistant” to help ensure your pet’s carrier withstands the elements while you’re out on the road. 

This carrier is best for pets up to 20 pounds, but it’s up to you to determine if it’s too large or too small for your pup.


  • The carrier’s rigid structure helps protect your pup and prevents the bag from caving in on him.
  • The base of the pack is thick and removable. It’s sturdy enough for the drive and then can easily be detached and cleaned after-the-fact.
  • Multiple straps and an internal leash help keep your pet and carrier secure during the ride.
  • You can unzip the top of the bag to form a large window if your pet needs extra ventilation or has to sit up while riding.


  • Several customers note that the carrier does not come with clear instructions on how to secure the straps.
  • This pack is the most expensive option in our buying guide.
  • The carrier won’t be able to accommodate large dogs.  

PETRIP Backpack Carrier – Best Backpack for Small Dogs

If you’d rather keep your dog strapped to you instead of your bike, check out the PETRIP Backpack Carrier. 

This pack has a fun, spaceship-like design. It’s sleek-looking and can alternate between a plastic bubble window or a mesh window, depending on how much ventilation your pet needs.

One big draw to backpack-style carriers is their mobility. You can hop on your motorcycle with your dog in tow, ride around, and then climb off, still carrying your dog wherever you need to go. We do want to note, though, that hauling your pet in a backpack means that they will always be attached to you. If you feel anxious about wrecking with your pet on your back, you may need to consider a carrier that attaches firmly to the bike.

Fortunately, this carrier does have an interior “hook” that can attach to your pet’s collar or leash to prevent them from moving around too much or jumping out. It’s made for pet owners with dogs up to 15 pounds.


  • This carrier’s backpack form means you can take your pet from the bike to a hike quickly and easily.
  • When not in use, the backpack folds up flat for condensed storage.
  • The outer material is leather, and the company says you can easily clean it with a damp cloth.
  • The carrier’s interior has a small pad that can be removed and washed in a washing machine.
  • The backpack carrier has an interior security hook that attaches to your pets to limit them from shaking the container too much.


  • Wearing your pet can feel bulky or uncomfortable over long periods. If you’re planning a long motorcycle trip, you may need a more stable carrier that doesn’t sit on your shoulders.
  • Dogs that are long or heavy won’t fit in this carrier. It’s only for smaller pets.

Saddlemen Pet Voyager – Best Mounted Pack for Small Dogs

A comfortable and safe carrier for your smaller pup is the Saddlemen Pet Voyager. It’s a more affordable option than our overall best pick and comes with several mounting accessories for maximum security. 

You can attach this carrier with either a seat harness or adjustable straps that hook up to your sissy bar. The bag has a base tray that can be pulled out and cleaned quickly. The bag material doesn’t seem to be quite as weather-resistant as our overall choice, but you can clean it just as quickly. 

This bag is intended for pet owners with wider seats or luggage racks on their motorcycle to provide a solid base for the carrier. You can fit dogs up to about 15 pounds.


  • This carrier comes with an interior leash to help keep your dog secure.
  • The bag itself isn’t difficult to clean, and the internal base can be washed to keep the carrier from getting dirty.
  • You have several options for strapping the Saddlemen Pet Voyager to your motorcycle for maximum safety.


  • The base is firm, but not quite as rigid as other products we tried. You may find that the ends collapse a bit if they’re not resting entirely on a flat, sturdy surface.
  • Some users say that the mesh ventilation windows aren’t as open as competitors.
  • This pack will only fit small pets. 

K9 Sports Sack – Best Backpack for Medium Dogs

An excellent mobile pack for medium-sized dogs is the K9 Sports Sack. It’s available in several colors and sizes, and safety is the carrier’s top priority.

Users will be able to keep their dogs close with this front-facing backpack. When properly fitted, your pet will hug your back with their head resting right around your shoulder level. 

The bag has several safety features that work together to keep your pet in place on your back. A D-ring inside the backpack can attach to your dog’s collar, so your friend won’t wiggle out while you’re moving. The company boasts that this pack comes with five different safety features to ensure your pet’s security.

Comfort is a cornerstone of this bag: it has a padded back and thick shoulder straps for prolonged use. There isn’t much structure to this backpack, but it can fit longer pets up to 30 pounds.


  • This backpack is available in multiple sizes. As long as your dog is about 30 pounds or less, you will likely be able to find a pack that can comfortably fit them. 
  • The shoulder straps and sides of the bag are all ventilated; this helps it dry faster and keeps you and your pup cool.
  • The backpack comes with a sternum strap to ensure it stays attached to your body at every turn.


  • No matter how much padding comes with a backpack, if you’re carrying a heavy load— like a larger dog— you’ll notice the weight after a short while. It could feel uncomfortable on long trips. 
  • Part of the backpack is made with neoprene, which gives it a bit of flexibility for your pet. However, users say that this material can feel hot after a while and may make users sweat.
  • There’s a rigid base to help the carrier maintain its shape and provide support for your pet, but some users say that base bounces against their back and is uncomfortable.

YUDODO Sling Carrier – Best Sling-Style Pack

While a mounted carrier or backpack style carrier is our preferred method for securing a pet, some pet owners prefer a sling-type bag to hold their dogs. If you have a small dog or a puppy, you can comfortably use the YUDODO Sling Carrier to carry your pup.

This sling is available in three sizes, with the maximum weight for dogs up to 14 pounds. You can choose between several colors, and the shoulder strap is wide and adjustable to help keep your dog close to your chest. 

The bag’s leather and mesh material keep it comfortable while providing clear ventilation for your pet.


  • This hands-free bag allows you to use your arms while holding your pup freely.
  • The bag features a reflective strip, which helps you and your pet stay visible in darker conditions, whether you’re walking, running, or riding your motorcycle or bike. 
  • This carrier is the least expensive option in our guide. 


  • This bag is one that typically rests on the user’s side or stomach. If that position is uncomfortable while you’re riding, you may need to consider another carrier. 
  • The carrier is only best for tiny pets. 

Buying Guide

When searching for a dog carrier specifically for your motorcycle, it’s essential that you consider several vital factors; because, otherwise, the bag may not last long or could cause safety issues.


The first thing you should do before buying any carrier is to measure your pet. Some products, like the YUDODO Sling Carrier, request that you measure your pet’s neck and head circumference, as well as their height and the length from head to tail. You want to be sure your pet is snug in your carrier but not squashed. If your pet is unable to move around, he may quickly become anxious or uncomfortable.


The last thing you need while riding is for your pet to get loose.

Ensuring that you can thoroughly attach the pack to you or your motorcycle is an essential step in transporting your pet. Take that security a step further, though, by looking for carriers that also feature interior D-rings or adjustable leashes to fasten your pet to the bag. It’s one extra safety layer to help protect your dog.  

Your Pet’s Anxiety

Safety is our utmost priority. It’s best always to make sure that your pet doesn’t feel stressed or overwhelmed by their environment; riding on a motorcycle could be overwhelming. If your pet is totally anxious about riding, you may run into behavioral or safety problems no matter which carrier you choose. Consider checking out resources to help soothe your anxious pet.


It is up to you as the pet owner to decide which device feels safest and best for you. You want a carrier that you can rely on and absolutely won’t be distracting while you’re on the road. You should also feel confident that your bag keeps your dog safe and firmly attached to you or your motorcycle.
That is why we feel the Kuryakyn Grand Pet Palace is the best overall carrier for you and your dog. Its safety features and structure make it a standout in its field, and it will fit your motorcycle soundly without collapsing. You can find this mounted carrier on Amazon.

Kylie Sheaffer

Kylie Sheaffer

Kylie Sheaffer is a Brooklyn-based writer, dog lover, and veterinary technician. She volunteers at dog shelters and has previously served as a foster parent for puppies.