5 Best Dog Travel Bags: Travel Easily and Stylishly Together

I tested five dog travel bags and found the PELEPET Travel Bag to be the best overall due to its multiple compartments, different carrying styles, and reasonable price.

Whether we’re spending a long weekend in the woods, going on a daytrip, or heading to another city for an extended period, I’ve traveled a lot with my dogs. My labradors are real adventurers! An important lesson I learned when it comes to traveling with dogs is that they need to feel comfortable in their new space. 

This means your pup needs his own toys, bowls, and blankets that smell like home, and the food he’s used to eating. This is why I always suggest that dog owners bring a good dog travel bag, even if you’re just spending a long day away from home! Today we’ve rounded up the 5 best dog travel bags.

Overall, we decided that the PELEPET Travel Bag for Dogs was the best. Its comprehensive offerings include two large inner sections, several pockets, and multiple carrying styles. It’s also reasonably priced and comes with a full-year guarantee. 

However, if you have more specific needs, we also highlight the following:

  • Best Overall: Pelepet travel bag
  • Most Convenient: Overland Quilted Dog Backpack
  • Most Stylish: PetAmi Dog Travel Bag
  • Most Versatile: Mobile Dog Gear Rolling Travel Bag
  • Budget Pick: Petsfit Portable Dog Bag

Let’s take a deeper look at the choices!

5 Best Dog Travel Bags

Best Overall: PELEPET Travel Bag for Dogs

The PELEPET Travel Bag is the easiest, most comprehensive bag on this list. It also features a sleek, versatile style and comes at a reasonable price.

The inside of the bag is divided into two larger sections, and there are several pockets inside and outside. This makes organizing snacks, toys, and toiletries super easy. It also comes with two collapsible silicone bowls, a waterproof picnic blanket, and containers big enough for a week of food for dogs as big as a great day.

This bag is also incredibly versatile. You can hand-carry it using the handle. If you have your hands full walking or carrying your canine companion, you can wear this bag as a backpack. Finally, you can use it as a messenger bag, swung across your chest or on your shoulder.

Overall, you can pack a good week’s worth of items for your pooch. Bonus points for its 100% waterproofing and full-year guarantee!

Most Convenient: Overland Quilted Dog Backpack

This luxe bag conveniently wears as a traditional backpack, which keeps your hands constantly free and keeps the weight on your back evenly distributed. It’s constructed with quilted polyester, making it both soft and easy on your back, as well as durable and tear-resistant.

The inside features a mesh pocket and a secure zipper, so you can store water bottles and even valuables like your wallet or phone. 

The bag comes with lined food carriers, two collapsible dog bowls, and a luggage ID tag for the airport. Two uniquely useful features include a placemat to hold the bowls for mess-prevention and even a waste bag dispenser. 

You can get the Quilted Dog Backpack in classic black or in an eye-catching pink. 

Most Stylish: PetAmi Dog Travel Bag

This fashionable dog travel bag comes in more colors and designs than any other dog bag on the market. You can get it in classic black and grey shades, in a professional but sleek navy, in fun shades like pink, purple, yellow, and teal, and even in a striped design. This bag is definitely for the style-conscious pup!

It features a substantial capacity, boasting several pockets and a built-in adjustable flap for flexibility, and comes with two food containers and two bowls. 

The bag’s construction is an oxford outer material, which gives it a classy textured aesthetic, and PVC-backing for durability. Another perk is that this bag is actually airline compliant and can fit right under your seat when traveling!

Most Versatile: Mobile Dog Gear Rolling Travel Bag

This dog travel bag has the most carrying formats, making it exceedingly versatile. 

Using the long handles on the sides, you can hand-carry this bag or wear it on your shoulder. Using the longer comfort strap, you can swing it messenger-style on your side or on your back. Finally, you can roll this guy around using the telescoping handle because it’s equipped with two sturdy luggage wheels. When I’m carrying two dogs at the airport, I know that having the option to wheel my bag is a time-saver!

This bag also comes with two food carriers and two bowls and is made of ripstop polyester to prevent tearing. 

Budget Pick: Petsfit Portable Dog Bag

If you’re looking for a no-frills affordable dog travel bag that’s still diligently-built and reliable, the Petsfit Portable Dog Bag is for you. At south of $30, this bag still gives you everything you need.

The inside features two compartments, separated by a velcro divider. This is convenient because you can simply un-velcro the compartments to make one extra large compartment! The side pouches are made of an elastic mesh, which are perfect for storing water bottles, dog toys, or trash bags. 

It comes with two food bags that can store about 3lbs of kibble or treats. You’ll just need to provide your own collapsible bowls. Otherwise, this bag has a comprehensive set of offerings for its price.

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Travel Bag

Where will you take the bag?

Do you often take your dog camping or are you more likely to be spending weekends in the city together? With any outdoor retreats, you should consider bags that are waterproof and tearproof. You also want to consider compartments close to the body of the bag, to avoid getting snagged on bushes. If you’re out in the city, it’s important to have secure zips so you can protect your valuables.

If you are away from home for a long period of time, you need to consider the carrying capacity of the bag, as well as the size of the food containers.

Anticipate specific situations to help you figure out which bag, or bags, will work best for you.

What is the carrying style?

When you hand-carry a bag or keep it flush against your side, it provides a level of security. Moreover, you can always see where it is. However, if you and your pup are going on a long hike, backpacks do a better job of distributing weight.

Several dog travel bags also have multi-carrying style capacities. 

What is the material?

A sturdy construction is a must, especially if you expect to carry a lot of items. Opt for 100% waterproof bags, even if you don’t plan on being outdoors a lot. After all, you never know when it will rain, and you never know when unexpected spillages will occur!

Consider ripstop fabric and polyester for durability. Windbreaker fabric is a common material used in more athletic dog travel bags.

Consider the color and style of the fabric. This is completely based on your tastes, of course!

How many compartments are there?

Usually, there are two main compartments in the bag. Look into how many pockets inside and outside of the bag are available and whether or not the divider between the two main compartments is collapsible.

The more items you plan on carrying, the more compartments you’ll need. Compartments also aid in organization and convenience.

What is the price?

Dog travel bags come in a range of prices. Budget bags are usually between $20-$30 but are predictable of lower quality than their more expensive counterparts. You can likely find an excellent bang-for-buck option in the $35-$50 range. Anything more than that will probably be a fashion brand name bag.


Should I own more than one dog travel bag?

It depends on how much you plan on carrying. If you have multiple dogs, you might need more than one. You can also opt for multiple bags for different purposes—for example, camping and one for the beach.

Can I use a purse or school bag in place of a dog travel bag?

Dog travel bags are a better option because they have compartments built for dog items in mind. Purses and regular backpacks don’t always come with features like waste disposal areas and waterproofing. 

Travel with your Dog!

We hope that was helpful! If you want an overall well-performing travel dog bag, we recommend the PELEPET Travel Bag for Dogs

Of course, the Overland Quilted Dog Backpack is the easiest to use, while the Mobile Dog Gear Rolling Travel Bag has the most carrying options. If you’re looking for a stylish accessory, the PetAmi Dog Travel Bag is offered in countless colors. If you’re on a budget, the Petsfit Portable Dog Bag is super affordable.

Feel free to click on any of the above links to buy your choice travel bag!

Karlton Tyack

Karlton Tyack

Karlton Miko Tyack is an outdoor enthusiast and a specialized dog trainer who is an experienced dog trainer for bird hunting. His best friend and companion dog was a giant chocolate Labrador named Mr. Jack.