5 Best Bike Dog Carrier for Your Next Adventure

I researched the best dog bike carriers, so you can take your pup along for the next adventure. After carefully researching several top-selling bike dog carriers, I’ve found the Pet Carrier Bicycle Basket from the BARKBAY Store to be the best. 

Bringing your small dog along with you is a fun way for your dog to get outside without getting tired out too quickly. However, you need to know how to do this safely! That’s why I found several excellent options for you and your dog to try. 

As a Frenchie owner, I know that bringing your dog along can make all the difference. However, not all dogs can keep up for a day of adventure! That’s where bike carriers come in. You can take your dog along even when you go on long bike rides!

My number one choice is versatile, lightweight, and comfortable for humans and animals. It’s cute, sturdy, and stable. 

An essential factor in choosing a bike dog carrier is safety. You need a carrier that will support your dog’s weight, attach securely to your bike, and avoid impairing your riding ability. I looked for these factors and more to create the list below.  

bike dog carrier with sleep dog

Best Dog Carriers for Bikes

Pet Carrier Bicycle Basket – Best Overall

The Pet Carrier Bicycle Basket is my favorite bike dog carrier. This is mostly due to its versatility. It can be attached to the handlebars of a bike, used as a backpack for hiking, or safely strapped into a car.

The carrier has hard sides that stay in place when you ride and a hard bottom with removable padding for easy cleaning. It comfortably supports dogs that weigh up to 20lbs.

This carrier basket also comes with mesh pockets on the side, which allow you to carry things like your phone, wallet, and keys without needing to bring another bag. Plus, this bike dog carrier is collapsible when not in use, so you can store it easily between uses. 

One final consideration in choosing the best dog carrier was safety. This carrier comes with a safety tether that attaches to the dog’s collar or harness to keep them from jumping out. 

It also has a mesh drawstring top that can be tightened so that your dog’s head can fit out but their shoulders will be secure inside the carrier.

Travelin K9 Pet-Pilot Wicker MAX – Best for Hot Days

The Travelin K9 Pet-Pilot Wicker MAX is an adorable bicycle carrier for dogs. If you’ve ever dreamed of cruising around town looking like you just stepped out of a movie–this carrier is the one for you!

The resin wicker basket looks like a real wicker basket, but with added durability and weather resistance. It also has a steel frame with a sunshade. The frame keeps your dog from jumping out and protects them from the hot sun. 

The basket is lined in a plush fabric removable for cleaning and super soft for your dog to comfortably sit or lie down. There is an additional safety leash in the basket to make sure your dog is completely safe. 

Another pro to this carrier is that it is super steady. It has a “no sway” handlebar mount that keeps the basket stable as you ride. This carrier can support the weight of a dog that is up to 20lbs.

One drawback to this carrier is that tiny dogs can fit their heads through the bars. You’ll want to make sure you are using the safety rope and may need to add mesh fabric around the frame if your dog is particularly curious or jumpy.

Apollo walker Pet Carrier Backpack – Most Versatile

The apollo walker Pet Carrier Backpack doesn’t attach to your bike, but you can easily wear it on your back while you go out for a spin. 

Because this carrier is a backpack, it’s a great multi-use option. You can ride your bike with it, and then keep it on when you walk around once you’ve reached your destination—no need to switch carriers or fidget with adjusting one that’s attached to the bike. 

If you’re worried about hurting yourself by carrying your dog’s weight, don’t! This backpack comes with chest and hip straps to distribute the weight more evenly. If you plan on traveling, you can also turn this carrier on its side to fit under an airline seat. 

This carrier is designed for smaller dogs, though. It does come with a safety strap to keep the dog secure, and it has several mesh windows that offer good ventilation and a way for your dog to see the sights as you adventure. 

RAYMACE Bicycle Basket Dog Bike Handlebar Basket – Best for Jumpy Dogs

The RAYMACE Bicycle Basket Dog Bike Handlebar Basket is another carrier meant for small dogs. The seller recommends only using it for dogs who are less than 15lbs.

The frame is made of aluminum and covered in a bright yellow/orange fabric. It has an internal and external pocket for storing essential things like keys, wallet, and phone or keeping critical doggy supplies like waste bags and treats. 

This carrier can easily be folded flat for storage. Though the fabric is a little thinner than some other options, this carrier is still pretty steady for riding.

The reason it made this list is because of its retractable closure system. You can tighten the opening to allow only your dog’s head to be out of the carrier, keeping them safe from jumping. There is also a safety leash for added security. 

Schwinn Small Rascal Bike Pet Trailer – Best for Heavy Dogs

Finally, I wanted to include an option for slightly bigger dogs. For example, dogs like French Bulldogs are small but compact, and they can weigh 25 to 30lbs. This is where the Schwinn Small Rascal Bike Pet Trailer comes in.

The Pet Trailer attaches to the back of your bike and can pull along behind you. It can support dogs’ weight up to 50lbs, though many users report that 30lb is better. I’d recommend using this for small but heavy dogs or dogs who are happy to lay down during the ride. 

Large dogs who prefer to stand can cause the trailer to tip, which is not safe for you or your dog. 

However, for smaller dogs, the trailer is a great way to bring them along for the ride. The trailer’s top can be uncovered completely or left with a mesh window so your dog can see out. There’s a door in the back and windows on the sides. 

There is a safety leash, and this trailer comes with a bright orange flag to make it more visible. It also comes with a removable lining and folds flat for storage or transportation. 

Buying Guide

To wrap up, let me re-cap some of the most critical factors to look for when buying a bike dog carrier:


This should be fairly self-explanatory. Don’t buy a carrier that can’t support your dog’s weight or allow them to sit comfortably inside. 


Any carrier you purchase should have a safety tether that will attach to your dog’s collar or harness just if they fall out. 


A suitable carrier will be comfortable for you to use and, of course, comfortable for your dog to be in.


Bike carriers with removable liners are always a good idea since you can clean them. Even if your dog is clean and housetrained, the smell of dog fur will accumulate in the carrier if you can’t clean it. 


Finally, I recommend paying attention to how ventilated the carrier is. Not only will this help with cleanliness, but it will also keep your dog from overheating and keep them comfortable while they ride. Plus, it lets them look around whether they are sitting up or lying down. 


The Pet Carrier Bicycle Basket is my top choice of dog carriers for bikes. It’s lightweight and folds down for easy storage. It’s comfortable for your dog, with a removable liner for cleaning, but with sturdy sides that will provide a steady ride. 

Although I loved the Pet Carrier Bicycle Basket, you may have different needs. That’s why I chose three great products: so you can purchase the one that works best for you and your dog. We hope you found the perfect carrier!

Cailey Thiessen

Cailey Thiessen

Cailey Johanna Thiessen is chief editor and translator at Ihavedogs. Her previous experience includes writing for other pet websites and doing complete research about specific dog healthcare products.