4 Best Dog Carriers for Fashion-forward Owners

I tested five products and found the MG Collection Pet Carrier Handbag to be the best fashion dog carrier for people who want to tote their pets along in style.

This elegant bag won me over based on looks alone (it seriously looks like a designer handbag rather than a pet carrier!). Still, I became utterly obsessed with it after using it with my little seven-pound Chihuahua.

I love that, in addition to how great it looks, it’s well-made, comfortable for both the dog and me, and it has truly been designed with a fashion-forward dog mom in mind. 

What’s more, they put a lot of thought into its creation, something dog owners can recognize the moment we get our hands on a product. You just know when something has been designed by people who would use it, versus someone just guessing what people would want.

Unlike basic features, though, fashion is pretty subjective; what one person finds stylish, another might pass on entirely. So while this is, in my opinion, the best fashion dog carrier on the market right now, I have included some other equally chic options depending on your personal preferences and budget. 

Read on for my product reviews and buyer’s guide, so you can pick the best fashion carrier for you and your pup.

Product Reviews

Best Overall — MG Collection Pet Carrier Handbag

When I had my son, I got a diaper bag that didn’t look like a traditional diaper bag, so it seems fitting that I got a carrier that doesn’t look at all for my little Chihuahua like a carrier.

Look at this beauty! With its trendy quilted design and chic two-tone color scheme, mainly if you saw it from the side, you wouldn’t think the MG Collection Pet Carrier Handbag was anything except a designer handbag by a famous label. I love that about it.

I also love the mesh flap on top, as well as the huge grommets on the side. Both of these features provide plenty of breathability, even when the pup is zipped up in it for a bit. The handles are super sturdy, too. I never felt for a second that my little dog wasn’t secure inside.

It even comes with pockets on each end, so you can pack snacks, toys, whatever you need really. Stash your wallet and keys in there, and it’s so convenient.

I also picked this one for best of the best because of its economic price-point. This bag is not only so great-looking, but it’s also affordable.

Best Unisex — Proplums Dog Carrier Backpack

Fellas, I didn’t forget about you. Since most of you wouldn’t be caught dead carrying a purse, but you still want a stylish way to carry your best friend around, check out the Proplums Dog Carrier Backpack.

My husband loved this one because it was so comfortable and it just looks cool. He got stopped a few times by admirers who asked about it (and wanted to pet our pooch, of course).

It is also chock full of features, including waterproof fabric, carabiner hook, super customizable shoulder straps (great for couples with size disparity, who want to share the backpack), and pockets for other items. The best thing, though, aside from how sharp it looks, is that our little guy really enjoyed being carried around in it. 

Best for City Dwellers — YUDODO Sling Carrier

My husband and I live in a small city in the mid-Atlantic region, and we love any pet accessory that makes it easier to tote our littlest pup around as we shop, run errands, or dine outside. That’s why I have to recommend the YUDODO Sling Carrier to other city dwellers.

This awesome carrier is so convenient and comfortable, while the sling-style adds an urban chicness to any outfit while you’re out and about. It’s super affordable and comes in a bunch of colors (and three sizes); match your mood or match your outfit. Either way, you don’t have to leave your pup at home when you traverse the city.

Best Splurge — Django Dog Carrier Bag

Okay now. If the price is no object, I have the pet carrier for you. Check out the Django Dog Carrier Bag, a gorgeous luxe accessory that has been lovingly crafted from premium materials like leather and cotton canvas.

The bottom is super sturdy, which provides a great base for your dog to get comfortable in whatever position it wants — sitting, standing, laying down. The handles feel totally secure and strong, and the zip pockets on the sides are so useful.

Best for Smaller Budgets — JESPET Soft-sided Carrier

Having a smaller budget should not preclude anyone from getting a dog carrier that looks great and does its job well. That’s why I loved the JESPET Soft-sided Carrier, a sporty tote that also happens to be airline approved.

It comes in six colors (I’m girly, I like my pink one), and I have to say, this is a “value,” but that doesn’t feel like it. I absolutely lovethe safety belt loop on the back, which allows the bag to be “tethered” to a car seat with a seatbelt or a rolling suitcase while traveling. 

Spend more of your money on adventures for you and your pooch, not the fashionable dog carrier!

Buying Guide

Still not sure which carrier is right for you and your pup? Read on for some information and tips that will help you make the best decision.

Why get a dog carrier at all?

Great for travel & getting out

Almost 40 percent of dog owners eschew travel because they have a pet. I’ve even caught myself not leaving the house to run errands because gating both dogs is a chore, and leaving them behind is even worse.

(Photo source: Pixabay)

Dog carriers make it easier and more convenient for pups to tag along on your many human adventures. Hey, a trip to the coffee shop is an adventure to a dog! To these social creatures, Our owners are their whole world. It’s our job to show them the world beyond the house and socialize them properly , to be happy and confident.

Fashion dog carriers make this even more comfortable by being so stylish and well-designed. I love showing off both my dog and the porter he sits in, and it’s excellent showing other people that they can have the same experience.

Great for less mobile dogs

Some dogs just aren’t as mobile as they once were. It happens with age, but it shouldn’t stop them from leaving the house. If they’re small enough, a dog carrier is a great way to take them along on hikes, walks, and even vacations and trips.

Choosing a carrier

Style of carrier

Most women will be very comfortable with the purse style of carrier, and these types do tend to have the most fashionable designs. However, they rely solely on the owner’s ability to carry them using hands or arms, and after a good hour or two, seven pounds can start to feel heavy.

Backpacks are a great hands-free option, and they distribute the pooch’s weight more evenly on the back and shoulders, making it a better choice for dogs in the medium weight range. However, because you are wearing them behind you, you can’t see them, which can be distressing or inconvenient for owners.

Slings are another hands-free carrier type, which typically works best for extra small or small dogs. They can lead to a bumpier “ride,” so they may not be best suited for dogs with any pain issues. Another benefit is that the dog is worn so close to the owner, allowing for mutual safety and reassurance.

Comfort for pet

Have a good idea of how much your pet weighs before ordering anything. Most of these fashionable wearable carriers rely more on weight to judge the fit. According to PetMD, you don’t need to account for a lot of extra space inside these types of carriers either, so measure your pup from nose to butt and make sure the carrier’s dimensions match up.

Also, you might want to consider your dog’s temperament. If your furry friend is more independent, it could prefer the backpack or purse. If it likes to feel the safety and warmth of you, consider the sling. You know your dog and your lifestyle best.

In Conclusion

I’m so excited to show you all the ultra-stylish MG Collection Pet Carrier Handbag, the best, most fashionable dog carrier out there. It is such fun taking my Chihuahua out on trips and watching him watch the world around him with his bright, inquisitive eyes.

If I’m taking him out in it, I don’t even bother bringing another purse; everything I need fits in the pockets just perfectly. The sturdy construction and reflective materials make it easy to keep clean and to look fantastic.

If it sounds like the MG handbag could also be your cup of tea, you can find it here.

Cara Suppa

Cara Suppa

Cara Suppa is a dog groomer and an enthusiast writer. She is a longtime pet blogger and dog owner who loves trying out new toys and gear with her beagle and Chihuahua.