21 DIY Dog Ramps (for Bed and Stairs): Climbing in Safety for Less

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You may not immediately realize it, but everything you need to build a dog ramp can be found at your hardware store or even in your garage. Today, we’ve scoured the internet to round up 21 DIY dog ramps for bed and stairs.

I’ve built quite a few dog ramps in my day. Since I’ve always had several chocolate Labradors at one time, there was always one or two of them who were either getting to advanced age or having an issue at a given time. Unfortunately, Labs tend to have joint problems as they get older. Even before your pooch starts to get too senior to hop up on the bed or run up the stairs himself or herself, you must anticipate the need. 

I recommend building your ramp because it’s easier than you think, it can save you money, allowing you to create something more personalized. Whether adjustable or still, hardboard or wood, indoor or outdoor, I’ve tried my hand at building every style of the ramp there is. Using this vast experience, I did a deep-dive into all of the DIY dog ramp options available and rounded up the 21 best of them here.

I made sure to include all difficulty levels, so you’ll certainly find a DIY Dog ramp for you on this list. Keep reading and choose which tutorial best suits you!

List of 21 DIY Dog Ramps

Here is our list!

DIY dog ramps
  1. HGTV’s DIY Dog Ramp for Bed with Storage

Leave it to HGTV to give us a dog ramp that also doubles as a storage facility! It’s of medium difficulty and is a great way to help your pooch out while saving some space. I suggest using the storage for doggy-related items like toys and food.

  1. This Old House Carpet DIY Dog Ramp

This tutorial is moderately easy since most of the tools required are automatic. It’s also a stylish option that you can personalize using your choice of carpet and wood stains. Opt for this DIY if your ramp will be out in a public space like the living room.

  1. Affordable DIY Dog Ramp

Instructables give us the easiest, almost tool-free DIY ramp here. You likely already have most, if not all, of the materials too! This is a great option for beginners.

  1. Dapper Animals Hardboard Ramp

Dapper Animals has a unique and easy take on building a dog ramp, no wood necessary. This DIY project is less cumbersome because hard ramps are lighter and easier to work with. Accurate measurements are the most important thing to remember here.

  1. Small Dog Ramp for Under $50

Youtuber Holly Obee builds a dog ramp for the adorable dachshund in this affordable project. Of course, this ramp works for any small breed, especially those with short legs. Opt for this DIY if you’re on a budget.

  1. Wooden Dog Ramp DIY for Aging Dogs

This blog has great insights on the importance of making a ramp for dogs as they get older. It’s wood-based, and she gives suggestions for the weight of the wood depending on the size of your dog. This is also an effective ramp for multi-dog households.

  1. Comfy Carpet Dog Ramp DIY

This four-hour project is simple and designed for a dog with disc flare-ups. Also, consider this DIY ramp if your dog has joint issues or sensitive paws. Anyone can do this DIY, but note that it may take longer or shorter than four hours, depending on your skill level.

  1. Build-Basic Dog Stairs

This elegant dog ramp is a bit more advanced. If you’re feeling ambitious, the end-result will look and feel very professional. I consider this the “interior designer-approved” doggy ramp!

  1. Make Something Bed Ramp

This woodworking project is done for an older Weiner dog who can no longer jump on the bed. This is a great option for dogs with short legs of all sizes, whether it’s a mini dachshund or a dense full-grown corgi.

  1. Fabric Upholstered DIY Dog Ramp

This DIY includes building a min-table with four legs as the base. You can personalize the ramp by choosing a fun fabric of your choice. You can also swap out the fabric with carpet attached with staples and glue.

  1. Ikea Hackers Dog Perch

While this DIY is technically a perch, it can easily be used for your bed as well, depending on the size of the frames. This project requires no woodworking, just strategic stacking. It’s also a versatile perch, perfect for dogs and cats too.

Image: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/golden-retriever-puppy-dog-hugging-british-187206578

  1. My Repurposed Life Indoor Pet Ramp

Recycle your old cabinet doors using this simple DIY. This is also a hammer-free project, relying on screws, staples, and glue. Opt for this if you have any flat wooden object lying around collecting dust.

  1. Adjustable Dog Ramp DIY

As your dog gets older, you may have to adjust the height and slope of the ramp. This DIY project allows you to do that easily, making it perfect for pre-joint condition dogs.

  1. Waterproof DIY Dog Ramp

This ramp was designed for an aging dog trying to get up and down the stairs. It can be used for indoor or outdoor stairs because of the waterproofing. Choose this DIY if your dog needs to go up a flight of stairs to get back in the house.

  1. Ikea Hackers DIY Dog Ramp With Crates

Ikea Hacker is back, this time with a ramp that works for beds or sofas. The best part is that it requires zero carpentry skills. You can move this ramp into the bedroom at night and keep it out by the living room sofa during the day.

  1. Family Handyman Collapsible Dog Ramp

Family Handyman gives us a sophisticated dog ramp here that will take some skill to build. However, it’s worth it since it can slide right under your bed for convenience. I recommend this for small and medium dogs who need to get up moderately high beds.

  1. wikiHow DIY Dog Ramp

Wikihow provides us with a very basic dog ramp DIY that’s straight-forward and effective. Opt for this DIY ramp if you’re looking for a no-frills ramp that’s still reliable.

  1. Foldable Dog Ramp

This dog ramp is moderately easy and features the added convenience of being foldable. You can use it for the bed or the stairs. 

  1. ShopNation Outdoor Dog Ramp DIY

This is another ramp that requires some woodworking skills, but it’s exceedingly sturdy and excellent for dogs of all sizes. I highly recommend this for aging huskies and labradors.

  1. Painted Decoration Dog Ramp DIY

A pretty DIY home gives us a sturdy dog ramp with this DIY. She even paints adorable dog prints on the top for decoration! You can personalize your dog ramp by using a stencil of your choice. 

  1. Wooden Dog Ramp DIY

YouTube show Building with Manny provides a DIY tutorial of a robust dog ramp. This is a good, strong option that will definitely last. Of course, it definitely requires some woodworking skills, so this project isn’t for beginners.

Build Your Own Dog Ramp

As you can see, there are many options for DIY dog ramps for beds and stairs. Whether you need something quick and cheap or something more sophisticated, you can build it at home. Just choose the right tutorial based on your skill level and budget, and get building today!

Final Thought

This is a complete guide for self-built dog climbing ladders. There is no reason why it is not suitable for you.
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