8 Awesome Facts about Dachshund Terrier Mixes

I can’t help but love the wonderful canine mash-up that is a dachshund terrier mix breed dog. Everything I’ve learned about them is so fascinating, from their behavior to their adorable good looks, to the many varieties of doxie/terrier mixes out there. 

I have met a few dachshund terrier mixes in my day, both among friends and at the dog park, and their owners always have the best anecdotes about this breed. They can be so naughty and so inquisitive! 

If you have been thinking about getting a dachshund terrier mix, it can certainly help you know what you’re getting yourself into beforehand. The two sides of the doxie/terrier tend to breed true, and knowing those traits can help everyone assimilate to their new living arrangement.

If you already have one of these mixed-breed dogs (and I can only assume you’re madly in love with this sweetie of a mix), I think you’ll not only recognize a lot of the following facts to be accurate. You’ll be surprised by some of the info I’ve found.

These eight delightful doxie terrier mix facts will either remind you of how lucky you are to have one or get you Googling for the closest breeder or shelter, stat.

There are many types of dachshund terrier mixes.

Unlike, say, a dachshund/corgi mix, there are numerous doxie/terriers mix types — it all depends on what kind of terrier with which the dachshund was mixed. Think of all the terrier types out there: Yorkshire, Scottish, Jack Russell, Rat, West Highland, Fox, Cairn…the list goes on and on. 

Knowing what kind of terrier your dog has in it can be helpful when determining adult size, possible future health issues, and lifespan (for example, Jack Russells have a lifespan average of 15 years, while Boston terriers may only see 11 years at most). 

The nicknames for doxie/terrier mixes are adorkable

I think “doxie” is such a cute shortening for a dachshund to begin with, but once it is crossed with the terrier breeds, the nicknames are downright adorable.

A dachshund and a Yorkie is a “dorkie.”

A dachshund and a Jack Russell are a “Jackshund” or a “Jackweenie” (the latter for the designation “Weiner dog” for dachshunds). 

A dachshund and a Scottish terrier may be called a “Doxie Scott.”

What are some names you can come up with? I think a dachshund and a fox terrier should be a “Foxie”!

Some of these mixes are pricey.

Despite dogs doing what dogs do (that is, procreate indiscriminately), some dachshund terrier mixes are considered “designer dogs” and are explicitly bred. Purpose-bred puppies can range from hundreds of dollars (set aside $800 to be safe) to nearly $2,000 for something like a striking Lakeland or Airedale terrier mix.

If you’re not picky, though, dachshund terrier mixes may make it to any of your local pet shelters, yours for only the nominal adoption fee. Keep an eye out, or give the shelter a call to see if they can contact you when a mix comes in.

They can dig it

While hanging out at the dog park one night, I watched one owner have to redirect their Jackshund numerous times to keep it from trying to dig its way out of the park. I was surprised because I didn’t realize this breed could be such escape artists.

It turns out, dachshunds are diggers and depending on how strong the doxie genes, it’s likely the mixed breed pup has the urge. So make sure your fences are secure! And don’t get too attached to that flower bed or expensive chair.

This mix is a joy

I often look at my small dog and wonder how so much excitement is contained in that little body. It is the same for dachshund terrier mixes, as both sides bring an unmistakable joie de vivre to the table. 

Dachshunds are known for their energy and terriers for their cheery demeanors. The mash-up between the two results in dogs that are typically infectiously happy and excited to do whatever you want to do — go on a walk? Great! Does play fetch? Awesome! Go outside in the back yard? They’re up for anything.

They might outwit you.

Oh, the intelligence of the dachshund terrier mix dog is a thing to behold. If they weren’t so cute, we would all be a little frightened by how smart they are. Whether we’re housebreaking them or they’re training us to get them what they want, they are learning and retaining information.

However, you can use this intelligence to your advantage when it comes to the housebreaking above, or when training for essential commands (like sit and stay), crate-training, or teaching them tricks.

They make amazing family pets.

Labs, Goldens, and other larger dogs have wonderful temperaments to be family pets, but when you have toddlers and babies, there is always the chance they will knock them right over.

Enter the smaller dachshund terrier mixes, who are a lot less likely to push your just-learning-to-walk babies on their bottoms. My friend said her baby, who began to sit up on her own, would actually lean against the dachshund terrier mix dog, and he would lean back — a mutual arrangement!

Then there is the fact that they are also sweet, friendly, and affectionate dogs. Always teach your children to respect the dog (never leave young children unattended with the pup), and ensure proper socialization of the dog as early as possible. This is the best recipe for an excellent lifelong family-dog relationship.

They have a lot to say

Expect dachshund terrier mixes to express themselves freely and in a higher pitch than you might have imagined possible (dachshunds are notoriously boisterous). Whether barking or whining, these vocal pups have voices seemingly modulated to get your attention and keep it.

In Conclusion

Dachshund terrier mixes are wonderfully versatile dogs, suited to many types of living arrangements and families. If you get the opportunity to bring one into your life, get ready for a big personality in a typically small package. To own a doxie terrier is to love one.

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Cara Suppa

Cara Suppa

Cara Suppa is a dog groomer and an enthusiast writer. She is a longtime pet blogger and dog owner who loves trying out new toys and gear with her beagle and Chihuahua.

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