Chihuahua Great Dane Mix

The world of designer dog breeds has undergone a lot of changes. In this category you find Bichon Frise, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Golden Retrievers, Poodles, pugs, and beagles to mention a few. In 2020, you should add Chihuahua Great Dane Mix to the list of designer dog breeds worth looking at or creating.

Many dog lovers believe that this specific breed is the strongest in the world of designer dogs. To understand this requires appreciating the fact that Chihuahua and Great Danes are two distinct but quite popular breeds of dogs. Therefore, nothing hinders you from trying to breed these two to discover what comes out. Question is, can you do it? 

Crossbred vs. Purebred Dogs

In discussing the Chihuahua Great Dane Mix, the underlying question here is the debate between crossbred vs. purebred dogs. Chihuahua is a purebred dog and so is the Great Dane. However, by definition, a Chihuahua Great Dane Mix is a crossbreed. A crossbred dog is just as easy to discipline as a purebred. 

First, crossbreeding gives you access to a large variety of breeds. The increased vigor in crossbreeds makes them less susceptible to pre-existing genetic conditions. Essentially, what you are getting is a dog breed whose vigor and strength surpasses that of the best purebred. 

As you breed the two, you would be increasing the likelihood of coming up with a breed that boasts of a unique look. If this were your goal, then you would be justified in considering going on such an adventure. 

The fact that nobody knows how the genetic makeup of the two dogs would combine to create a single breed should fill you with enough excitement to propel you to the moon and back. Crossbreeds are famous for making or becoming great pets. All you have to do is to teach the new breed discipline and socialization to bring out the best of each dog’s behavior and temperament. 

Purebred dogs develop genetic defects that often pass from one generation to the next. Through careful breeding, you can reduce these defects, or eliminate them altogether. It has been repeatedly stated that crossbreeds not only enjoy hybrid vigor but they also tend to be healthier than their purebred cousins. 

Further, this route is worth going if you would like to be the first to “develop” the next big breed in the dog world. Breeders are risk-takers who do not shy away from trying unusual things. Therefore, embrace this world and try the mixing Chihuahua and the Great Dane to see what surprise awaits you. 

What is the Chihuahua Great Dane Mix? 

Chihuahua Great Dane Mix is a much newer breed of dog. It has been given numerous names that range from The Great Mexican Dog to Chi-Dane-Dane to mention a few. In the last few years, it has become one of the most popular breeds. It is the product of crossbreeding the Great Dane and Chihuahua, as previously stated. 

This type of crossbreeding is quite unusual because each breed has unique qualities that make it markedly different from the other. For example, they are worlds apart in terms of size. Typically, a Chihuahua weighs roughly 2kgs and measures 20cm in height. Compare that to the Great Dane, which: 

  1. Weighs 54kgs
  2. Measures 85cm in height

To put it bluntly, it is uncommon to see crossbreeding that involves dogs with such starkly clear differences in weight and size. Based on this, is it alright to consider crossbreeding a Chihuahua with the Great Dane to get a Chihuahua Great Dane Mix? On the other hand, should you go with the simple tried-and-tested forms of crossbreeding. 

Complications with Breeding Chihuahua Great Dane Mix

Crossbreeding has several disadvantages and challenges. First, purebred lovers believe that crossbreeding is a controversial matter. According to them, crossbred dogs are not only impure but also the product of an experiment that has gone awry. Apart from that, crossbred dogs tend to be quite costly. 

According to breeders, crossbreeding is responsible for producing healthier and stronger dogs. However, there is no scientific evidence backing this claim. Nevertheless, the fact that this practice involves combining two separate breeds opens the door to all sorts of genetic entanglements. 

In that sense, there is a likelihood of everything working out well…or not. Other than that, you would be dealing with tons of unknowns. For example, in crossbreeding, it is difficult to predict the size of the puppies that would be born. With purebreds, you can predict puppy size with laser-like accuracy. 

Lastly, it is wise to consider the method of delivery. Since you do not know how big (or small) the new litter would be, it then becomes difficult to settle on a method of delivery earlier. In some cases, the mother could die while attempting to deliver the new litter simply because they are too big to pass through without complications. 

Lack of Information on Crossbreeding Chihuahua with Great Dane

There isn’t enough information on the process of crossbreeding Chihuahua and the Great Dane. Currently, nobody knows if a successful breeding of these two breeds has taken place. What the world has enough of are undocumented reports and stories. Without tangible information, it becomes much harder to dive into this practice. 

You cannot and should not make any conclusion on this matter in the absence of detailed information and reports. Otherwise, you would be at risk of engaging in pure fantasy. Until scientists provide proof that such a crossbreed would emerge without defects – because of the massive size difference – you would be better off holding your horses. 

Demand for Designer Dogs

The demand for designer dogs is incredibly high around the world, as previously indicated. A similar practice has been noted in the cats industry too. In the European Union (EU), this trend has led to the creation of an industry worth more than €1.3 billion each year. Today, there seems to be increased interest in the following breeds:

  1. Mountain Cur Beagle Mix
  2. English Bulldog Pitbull Mix
  3. Plott Hound Pitbull Mix
  4. Blue Heeler Rat Terrier Mix

Death from Fetus

With interest in such breeds at an all-time high worldwide, it is not surprising to see a similar trend with Chihuahua Great Dane Mix. However, before delving into this business or practice, you need to get one thing clear. Which breed would carry the puppies? Mating is not the main issue here. Both breeds can mate safely and comfortably. 

Reportedly, Chihuahuas have died while carrying the offspring of the Great Dane in their wombs. The Great Dane is a massive breed in size. Consequently, you would expect the Chihuahua to be carrying massive offspring after successfully mating with the Great Dane. Death takes place as the unborn force the Chihuahua’s body to stretch beyond imagination. 

In such instances, a better and safer alternative would involve ensuring that the mother does not carry her babies to term. Instead, you should consider delivery by cesarean section. Any attempt to allow the mother to deliver naturally would be a huge risk to her life by exposing her to the possibility of untimely and painful death. 

Remember this, the head of the Great Dane’s baby is much larger than the Chihuahua’s. Based on this, it would take a miracle of biblical proportions for the Chihuahua to deliver Great Dane puppies without complications. Why do you want or wish to risk the Chihuahua’s life and health unnecessarily so? 

Can Chihuahuas Impregnate the Great Danes?

Is it possible for Chihuahuas to impregnate the Great Danes? Logically, that is possible. Realistically, you would be expecting too much from the Chihuahua. That is mainly because of the huge differences in body size. Nevertheless, many breeders have found a solution for this problem. They encourage artificial insemination. 

If all goes well and the Chihuahua indeed impregnates the Great Dane, then it is possible for the latter to carry the babies to term and deliver normally. There is no problem there. However, trouble is never far away and it comes right when the puppies are born and they start craving their mother’s milk. 

Once again, it would be interesting to see if the Chihuahuas manage to suckle properly. Because of the massive difference in their size, it might not be possible for the puppies to suckle well. In this case, a perfect solution would be to feed them manually by hand at all times to ensure they get all the nutrients they deserve. 

What does a Chihuahua Great Dane Mix Look Like?

A Chihuahua Great Dane Mix is a rare sight indeed. Nevertheless, it would be wrong to assert that such a mix or crossbreed has not been attempted. The few cases that have been reported provide a unique perspective into the future of this breed. For example, most people report that the new breed has the huge heads of the Great Dane. 

For the body, reports indicate that the new breed is larger than Chihuahua but slightly smaller than the Great Dane. Because of this, the new dogs have bodies that are well capable of supporting the massive heads they inherit from the Great Dane. Additionally, the Great Danes are well able to deliver the new puppies normally without external assistance. 

What Can We Learn from History?

It is important to look at the history of crossbreeding, especially when talking about the Chihuahua Great Dane Mix. How many successful crossbreeds have taken place? Have there been complications with mating, delivery, and feeding? Are deaths a normal occurrence when the Great Danes impregnate the Chihuahuas? 

First tries or attempts to crossbreed the two were never successful. Because of that, most breeders had a change of heart and mind. They opted to try their luck elsewhere with other breeds instead. Consequently, few breeders are now willing to walk this path, especially now that science does not offer much in the way of accurate feedback. 


While it would be great to breed Chihuahua Great Dane Mix, information on this kind of practice makes the whole exercise unworthy. Without enough information or history on this type of crossbreeding, you should not rush to crossbreed them. For this reason, it would be a bit risky and unkind of you to put the two breeds through all these. 

Karen Riley

Karen Riley

Karen J. Riley is the Founder of Ihavedogs, She also is a certified pet nutritionist, work in Veterinarian at VetPro Pet Care for four years work experience. She has a great motive of helping the pet parents to give their dogs a happy and healthy life full of fun and activity.

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