Can Dogs Eat Edamame? A Nutritional Guide for Your Pup

Since they’re so delicious and healthy to us people, many wonders: Can dogs eat edamame too? The quick answer is yes! We sought to answer this question comprehensively, so let’s dive in.

Can Dogs Eat Edamame

As a years-long dog trainer, I’ve always been sensitive about what to feed my dogs and the dogs of others! However, I don’t like to stick strictly to store-bought dog food. I think it’s important to give our pups some diversity, and provide the different nutrients that simple, non-processed foods often boast.

Since canines are carnivorous creatures, we don’t often hesitate to give them a piece of our chicken or beef as a treat. However, we definitely have to be more careful when it comes to vegetables and fruit. Something seemingly harmless, like avocado, can be poisonous to dogs.

Today we explore whether or not dogs can eat edamame. We do so by looking into specific related questions, so you’ll know exactly how to handle this fun and unique food:

  • We’ll first quickly answer the question: What are Edamame beans? They’re not what you may think!
  • Then we’ll get right to the important issue, and that’s whether or not they’re fatal to dogs and why.
  • Less seriously, but equally as important, we explore whether or not they are safe for all dogs.
  • Next, how much can they eat?
  • And of course, we’ll answer whether or not they can eat soybeans as we know them.

So first and foremost…

What are Edamame Beans? 

Edamame beans are actually just soybeans, believe it or not! Many think they’re related, but don’t realize that edamame is just a very young soybean that’s still in its pod.

It’s a popular dish in East Asia, including Japan, Korean, and China. They’re usually boiled or steamed and served with condiments. The pods themselves are inedible.

Edamame is a good source of protein, healthy fiber, and plenty of antioxidants and vitamins. As such, they’re thought to lower heart disease risks and improve your fat and cholesterol levels.

So we know edamame is good for us, but let’s get into whether or not our fluffy friends should have some. The most immediate question is usually…

Will Edamame Kill My Dog?

Thankfully, no! So if your pup accidentally gets into your edamame-sprinkled chicken salad, there’s no need to panic. Edamame is not toxic to dogs.

However, there is one thing you have to worry about everytime you share food with your dog. Is the edamame you’re eating spiced or flavored in any way? If so, I would refrain from throwing it under the table as a treat for your canine companion. Certain herbs and spices aren’t good for your buddy’s digestive system.

Garlic, for example, is toxic to dogs. It can cause lethargy, diarrhea, pain, and more. Since garlic is a popular addition to edamame dishes, that’s something to watch out for. Other ingredients commonly paired with edamame to avoid include nutmeg, onions, chives, and even salt! Dogs have a much lower sodium intake capability than humans, so even soy sauce can dehydrate him.

Finally, just as with humans, I’d avoid letting them eat edamame shells. According to the National Soybean Research Laboratory, the shells are too tough to be eaten and digested by humans. They aren’t toxic to dogs, and they’re teeth are certainly stronger than ours, but they’re similarly difficult to digest.

So we know edamame won’t kill our dogs, but is it healthy? Some foods that won’t kill you still don’t offer nutritional value, and sometimes can make you sick, after all!

Are Edamame Beans Safe For Dogs?

Yes, edamame beans are safe for your dog. They’re actually even quite nutritious for him, for all of the same reasons they are for you.

Edamame is packed with calcium which helps with bone and tooth health, vitamin C, which is great for tissue growth and repair, and fiber for better digestion.There’s also a ton of omega-3s in edamame. Basically, these delicious beans can help your dog with health inside and out! The omega-3s will give him a beautiful coat and healthy skin.

Actually, veterinarians even recommend edamame beans as a healthy snack for obese dogs, since they can help with weight loss and fight diabetes. 

How Much Edamame Can My Dog Eat?

If you want to start giving your dog edamame beans, you should incorporate them into his diet gradually, as with any new food. Though they aren’t toxic, it’s always wise to ensure that their body won’t react adversely to a new and unfamiliar food, or that they aren’t allergic to it.

Don’t give them a handful, even if they beg! Start with one or two beans, and see how they feel. Continue to give it to your dog as a treat or keep adding just a little more to his food everyday. If you find they love it, that’s great! If they’re eating their food less and less, they’re either having an adverse reaction or they simply don’t like the taste.

Either way, that’s okay. There are plenty of other nutrition-heavy snacks you can give them besides edamame beans!

Can Dogs Have Soy Beans?

We now know that edamame beans are just young soybeans in the pod. As such, soybeans are equally as harmless, safe, and nutritious for dogs to eat as well. In fact, soy is a pretty common ingredient in most dog foods, since it provides some protein. Some doctors even believe it provides therapeutic qualities to dogs with illnesses.

The only thing to watch out for are soy-based products. Again, if a soy-based food has spices in it, you know to be wary. Moreover, tofu isn’t recommended for dogs either. It’s not toxic and it’s perfectly digestible, but feeding your pet tofu runs the risk of bloating and discomfort. It isn’t serious, but it’s certainly not fun!

The Verdict

It’s always exciting to find out that we can share a few dishes with our canine best friends. Edamame is fully safe for dogs to eat, and in fact, may have some great health benefits.

Some important things to remember include avoiding spices and herbs that may be dangerous for your pup, avoiding the shell, and ensuring that you know how much he can and can’t have. It’s different for every dog, of course!

We hope this was helpful. Enjoy having some delicious edamame beans with your canine companion!

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